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  1. Thanks Anon2, all works fine now. Due to the small 13" screen the Protect Alpha checkbox was hidden.... 🍺
  2. Hi, I'm slowly migrate from my old 2010 iMac (with High Sierra to a MacBook Pro 13" with Big Sur 11.2.1 and Affinity Photo 1.9.1 ... A strange things occur: creating a new blank document using a preset (a small rgb/8 project) try to painting something with the brush, AP create a new pixel layer but nothing occur. On the old iMac all works fine. Inserting a Fill Layer then rasterise it, and I'm able to paint on it. Creating a new simple pixel layer I'm unable to paint on it. Placing an image, I'm can to paint on it but not on an a mask. Testing others tools like Pen Tool, Shapes, Smudge and all Warks fine. Any suggestion ? Thanks, Riccardo
  3. Slow startup for me. On MacBook Pro 13" M1 with Big Sur, slower than my old iMac i7 mid 2010 with High Sierra and ssd 😕
  4. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 🤗🍀🍻
  5. My wish list for 2020? I hope the Affinity line of product remain compatible with old Mac and MacOS as long as possible. 😁
  6. As photographer and happy Affinity customer, I believe that, to enter the DAM market with the typical style of Affinity, the work is immense because, to date, no product can beat Lightroom in the organization and management of photos.
  7. I am well aware that the Affinity team does not give direct answers in the forum, it was simply a phrase to support the concept expressed by Daryl.
  8. @mistergarth: I own Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher, as DAM I use an old version of LR, if the fastest when my wife and I will come back to home with hundreds of photos then I've the need to analyse, deleting, voting, setting the proper lens profiles (we have 3 cameras and often we use 4/5 lenses). I've tried a lot of programs but nothing is good as LR to do this job. On the development side there are better products. AP is one of them but his Develop Persona is powerful but slow when working with hundred of photos. I use it only for the 5 stars photos.
  9. Hi Cris, in the Panorama Persona. All works fine, I've decided to abort the panorama because the freehand photos didn’t line up well despite the correction with the tools of Panorama Persona. This morning I've tried again the same abort sequence (with the same programs loaded) and all works fine, no crash. Maybe my iMac was a bit tired and too much programs loaded at the same time. (Canon's raw files CR2 type) Thanks.
  10. - loading seven Canon Raw files - the panorama works fine - decide to abort the panorama - switch to LR after a couple of minutes Affinity Photo crash iMac i7 mid 2010, 16gb / ATI Radeon HD 5750 1gb / MacOS 10.13.6 / 1ssd + 1hdd Raw files stored on hdd, programs open a the moment: Mail, Safari, Chrome, Affinity, Lightroom, iTunes (playing), Reminders I've saved the crash report on a .txt file. Have a nice day, Riccardo Affinity Photo 1.71 crash on panorama.txt
  11. Hyi LR+Affinity Photo ... what is important for me is the fast way I can download from cameras, renaming, applying the lens profiles. Then fast browsing, discarding, voting about 400/500 photos for every session (4 cameras, my wife and me). After a fast editing for a better selection, the best photos are processed as RAW in AP with layer and effects. I've leave PS and now I'm using only Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher (beta testing), and I'll want to leave LR but is so fast and easy to browse my 50.000 photo library. A similar tool from Serif will be amazing ...
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