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  1. If you have another USB wired or Bluetooth mouse, with Left, Right buttons and scroll wheel available try them. It took time for me to get 80% functionality with Magic Mouse.
  2. Excellent. Easy to read, navigate and environmentally friendly. I love to have a complete eBook User Guide and links to online tutorials, if available in future.
  3. Cecil

    Ctrl+Shift+Clicking Thumbnail?

    CMD + OPT key Magic Keyboard, OPT key is same as ALT.
  4. Specific to model Intuos 3, PTZ 1500. I talked to Wacom and they stated no new drivers would be provided. It worked great on latest Windows 10; however, my computer died and I updated to my first iMac. Little did I know that the tablet would not work. My APC XS 1500 is Windows only, no macOS Power Chute software' It works, just no software to alert of power failures and status, etc., on iMac. Front panel provides some info. It has some capabilities in macOS Preference that can be set.
  5. Agree 100%. I did not want to go in detail, removing screen should deter most from considering DYI.
  6. My Wacom Tablet is toast, Wacom refuses to update driver for Mojave OS. I hope Sidecar, in Catalina OS will allow my IPad Pro to replace tablet.
  7. I have a different workflow of selecting my pixel image (selection brush) and refine; however, yesterday it took numerous attempts to select students from a photo to replace background. Each time I had to use the mask to remove unwanted background. I actually believe 1.7.1 worked better. I cannot provide photo, as I do not have the permission from the students parents. I will say that the background was similar to girls hair and several hats on the boys. I ended up with fairly acceptable image, slight background imperfections.
  8. 21.5” iMac requires the removal of glass display. My personal preference is 27” with upgrade of Memory to assist future macOS upgrades system resources requirements, if budget allows. I upgraded mine to 40 GB, overkill yes, less than $400. Affinity beach ball nonexistent.
  9. Stand corrected, I failed to notice or recall, 21” iMac.
  10. Cecil

    Yellow Winged Darter Dragonfly, play along (AD)

    Excellent photorealism. Please post your finished project. Handicapped by Essential Tremor, impossible for me to do. Mouse or pen, my hand cannot control pinpoint detail. Thank you for sharing your art.
  11. One additional comment, purchase your Memory separately, if you plan on upgrading from the standard 8 GB. Much cheaper and install in five minutes. Amazon or B&H has special prices, check both, before purchasing. Good luck, enjoy your new iMac.
  12. Kaffeeundsalz, thank you, especially for the Separate Mode, I will have to research that. My process was looking at a reference photo and try to replicate freehand painting on blank canvas, using source image for visual reference and color picker. I was accustomed to Corel Painter, which allows you to add a source panel and resize as needed. This required no unchecking, source always visible. I do understand duplicating Background image, however, I am not making changes (Mask, HSL, etc.) until painting is in final stage (s). Recent death of my Windows PC, I purchased my first iMac. Little did I realize Wacom stopped supporting macOS for my tablet, nice end table now. Additionally, cost of Painter 2020 for new OS, I moved to Affinity Photo. New OS and software equal nightmares. I do thank you for your suggestions. I will take screen capture of your reply for reference.
  13. Adobe Painter program allows you to open original source image on or next to your open file on desktop. This ican be used for many reasons, key is color picker and resource to kept track of your changes Is it possible to add additional file on the same source window file and I missed it in AP?
  14. Bump. Opening additional file to use as reference file would benefit user. This file could be placed in tool area, selected from View, Studio, or any other method.w
  15. I agree, as a mask is in the instructions. It may matter for many, as I originally thought, 1) I selected the wrong file or 2) must have account to download correct file or 3) typed wrong URL as another user recently posted, same chapter, looking for the files. If Work Book is still in production mode or as many have posted similar problems with URL’s/files, provide all future files in one ZIP file, PixaBay may not be common knowledge to all or available in the future. May not be possible, feasible or even technically legal to do so. Thank you for reply.
  16. Walt, No problem for me, just reading above post which suggested: This may just be true; however, for the novice, following directions to the T may cause frustration. In example provide, there were only two jpg files. I would think some may had/would/could assume “most” meant more than one of the completed project. The forum provides exceptional guidance, truly appreciated. In my case I located the files and thought briefly that I made error and downloaded jpg vs. png. The OP just needed help, wrong URL or not. The jpg/png I posted in another thread. Actually thought it may assist future prints.
  17. As stated, you can get "most" of reference of the resources...only finished photo. I downloaded three times, same results. Also made separate post concerning reference png resource, I could download only the jpg version, no png file (woman).
  18. Workbook Snow Queen - I’m attaching screen capture, reference image portrait-1754894.jpg; however, reference image is stated png file. Question: Is this a misprint? The referenced png file is not available for download. The instruction requires selecting the Selection Brush, drag over girl and output to Mask, which removes background and renders same results as png, unless I’m missing a key point or have the wrong URL to download the png file.
  19. This is true and one could subscribe to all. I think the main problem is repeated posting to the wrong forum and need to redirect question.
  20. Question: Will this function work with iPhone XS?
  21. If your set in purchasing the iMac 21”, upgrade the RAM at purchase. As stated by R C-A, 21” iMac requires completely dissembling the iMac to upgrade the RAM. Base model iMac 27” or minimal upgrade of 27”, may achieve your goal of future proofing. Simply remove a small panel on back to insert additional RAM. Cost is always a factor. September/October time frame, Apple may release a few additional options. Good luck.
  22. I will leave the configuration to professionals; however, I would suggest 8 GB RAM for your initial purchase and buy additional RAM. Buy the same RAM found on your iMac spec info. I saved a lot of money with this simple and easy upgrade.
  23. I do appreciate a great tutorial and do not factor time a measure. So many tutorials assume everyone is a professional. Thank you.
  24. My post to this thread failed to post. Just a test to see if this post finds it’s way to forum.
  25. Pro Camera app installed on my IOS iPhone XS has RAW setting, exporting in Adobe Raw DNG format. If I open image, on latest macOS Mojave, Finder, Photos, open with Affinity Photo. The RAW DNG opens in Photo Persona, not the Develop Persona. Is this intended code or is this a possible bug? Although in Photos and Pro Camera App, it indicates RAW, if I drag from Photos directly to Desktop, it"s converted to jpeg. If I dragged the photo to Drag files here to attach, if changes to jpeg. If I, from camera app, share to iMessage to myself, I receive file as RAW. However, photo immediately changes to jpeg in Affinity Photo. My gut tells me this is macOS code, not Affinity Photo. Thank you, system details listed in profile.