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  1. Hi. I have the same issue started a few weeks back. Every time is have a selection and try to use inpainting tool (Edit-Fill-Inpainting), the program crushes.
  2. Anybody home!!!??? Will appreciate if someone from Affinity will provide a feedback on when ( if any time at all) I will be able to open High Res files on iPad version. Or shall I do it on Desktop version?
  3. Lee, do you have any comments for me?
  4. Exactly. But when I upload into Affinity before opening it, I even can see it. See attached screenshot
  5. Lee, please see attached. I can see the picture in iPhoto after transfer, but when open in Affinity, it’s just a font. PRAW0526.rw2
  6. Thank you Lee. I will try it tonight after work.
  7. High resolution photo from G9 are not able to open in Affinity Photo in iPad

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