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  1. up vote this. I've had several clients recently send me illustrator files and any use of variable fonts turns into garble text.
  2. upvote this! I'm having more and more client send me bloated PSD files. When I bring them into Affinity Photo it rasterized the layers causing me to have to use Photoshop, which I hate.
  3. that's what I'm doing but would be nice to have a scale feature in FX for outer shadow. It would save time.
  4. basically something like this. The shadow is scaled down giving the illusion that the square is closer to the viewer.
  5. When I use drop shadows on projects, sometimes I like to make the shadow smaller than the object. This helps create a 3-D effect. It would be nice to have a SCALE shadow or SCALE Radius option.
  6. I second this. Bleed isn't exporting on my project. I'm using 18.1
  7. I just thought of a great feature to add to all the apps... I'm working in affinity designer and added a drop shadow but wanted the radius to contract, not expand. It would be great to have the radius adjustment bar be zero in the middle of the bar. if I pull left, the shadow radius contracts and if I pull the bar to the right it expands. This would be great for a lot of the adjustments. Kinda like the way you have the Clarity Filter.Left makes it softer, right makes it clearer. With zero in the middle.
  8. I like to spend time color correcting my images. I love your scopes, waveform, and histogram tools but it would be awesome if there was a checkbox or option where the data shown was what is represented in the window. Right now the data shows the entire image. I would like to zoom in on a section of an image and just get the data of that section. Example: If I zoom in on someone's face, Id like to just get the histogram, scope, or waveform of that person's face, not the whole picture.
  9. It would be awesome if you guys had an export option for EPS files where it outlined everything before it saves as a EPS. This would save me multiple steps. Thanks.
  10. When I'm in full screen mode (MAC) and I load up a file, a window will appear on the main window hidden from my main full screen window to activate fonts. I have to swipe left to look at it. Can this window appear on top of the full screen window?
  11. Upvoting this. In order for our websites to pass Google's performance guidelines, we have to use WEBP images in our websites. I have a WEBP batch converter but it sucks and takes additional steps.
  12. After messing around with the min/normal/max settings on the letter and word justification, I was able to get the result I was looking for but it took a long time. The issue I was having was the letter justification. Would be nice if the standard set up was -25% / 0 / 25% instead of 0% / 0% /0%
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