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  1. upvote this. no bleed on export is slowing me down.
  2. I like to spend time color correcting my images. I love your scopes, waveform, and histogram tools but it would be awesome if there was a checkbox or option where the data shown was what is represented in the window. Right now the data shows the entire image. I would like to zoom in on a section of an image and just get the data of that section. Example: If I zoom in on someone's face, Id like to just get the histogram, scope, or waveform of that person's face, not the whole picture.
  3. It would be awesome if you guys had an export option for EPS files where it outlined everything before it saves as a EPS. This would save me multiple steps. Thanks.
  4. When I'm in full screen mode (MAC) and I load up a file, a window will appear on the main window hidden from my main full screen window to activate fonts. I have to swipe left to look at it. Can this window appear on top of the full screen window?
  5. Upvoting this. In order for our websites to pass Google's performance guidelines, we have to use WEBP images in our websites. I have a WEBP batch converter but it sucks and takes additional steps.
  6. I'm having bleed issues with export/share the share section doesn't have a BLEED option when exporting a PDF. It was there 1.6
  7. Keep up the great work guys. I was hoping to see distortion tools for this beta like envelope distort Other features I was expecting to see was Simplify and Image Trace.
  8. After messing around with the min/normal/max settings on the letter and word justification, I was able to get the result I was looking for but it took a long time. The issue I was having was the letter justification. Would be nice if the standard set up was -25% / 0 / 25% instead of 0% / 0% /0%
  9. I want to 1-up this issue as well. Justification just doesn't work properly. Even with the Publisher beta, it's still not right, even with hyphenation.
  10. Tables are buggy and don’t act consistent. Changing all text in a table doesn’t work right. Page thumbnails are over saturated. It might be trying to display CMYK as RGB.
  11. The Arrange Menu seems to not be showing and keyboard commands don’t work for arranging layers. I have to manually adjust the layers in the layers window.
  12. Slayman


    +1. Please fix this. It was a pain in Designer and it still is there in Publisher. Exporting to PDF with bleed and crop doesn't show all the bleed in some cases. It will just stop the bleed at the crop line.
  13. I have the same issue where the EPS does retain spot colors. The only work around I have is to export as a PDF, which relates things. Then open it in Illustrator and save down as a EPS from there. Please fix this.
  14. Slayman

    Auto Hyphenation

    upvote this. not having hyphens is really slowing me down.