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  1. I have affinity photo and affinity designer from four years, I can't believe still I can't preview the image before saving it. This is urgent for all web designers and content managers. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi, I added the requested file. The problem occurs with this condition: 1. File with at least two Layers Artborad tools; 2. Print, range one Layers at a timeone with bleed bleed.afdesign
  3. Create two files one with RGB / 8 color profile and one CMYK / 8. Copy the pixel object from the CMYK / 8 file and paste it on the RGB / 8 file (the objects are corrupt) Change the type of color profile in CMYK / 8 and everything works correctly. Registrazione_schermo_2020-03-05_alle_16_21_36.mov fipotest.afdesign
  4. Create file with 10 mm of bleed Insert an object File -> Print Bleed and Marks -> Include bleed The bleed is not printed
  5. there is a problem with zoom indicator. If you change the value in select, the bar does not update. If you move the zoom bar, the select does not update Thanks a lot. David Registrazione schermo 2020-02-27 alle 10.32.39.mov
  6. Is there any news? This option is essential for those who make the web. Thank you
  7. I have tried to break curves with boolean operation, Unfortunately it didn't work. Is there an adequate example? Registrazione schermo 2020-01-20 alle 13.33.56.mov
  8. Hi, how can i draw this with Affinity Designer? I drew seven circles, only stroke. I can't understand how to cut them. Can you help me? Thanks a lot
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