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  1. Hi, Improving the export of images for the web is very important. This is a set of proposals to improve Export persona Preview image with compression and palette optimisation; View optimized file size; Change the image size; Thanks a lot.
  2. Top!! There are any news for preview image in save for web?
  3. +1 for CSS export
  4. In Export Person missing the preview ... If export in JPG and If you increase or decrease the compression, you need to see the preview.
  5. Hi Martijn, I have the same problem (working with web-graphics). I hope that after 3 years they will listen to us Merry Christmas
  6. I hope that Santa Claus bring us this function. Merry Christmas
  7. There is a problem with checkbox "Livello" it is over the select "Tutti i canali"
  8. I am very sad. I was hoping to find the preview, with this new update. Affinity is great, but without export preview, it's a lame horse or a car without wheels (beautiful, powerful, but when you put it on the track does not go.) Everybody needs export preview! I hope you will listen to these requests. Thanks a lot. David
  9. I need the preview. Thanks
  10. +1 A preview in the export dialog or in the Export Persona is really required for professional use. +1 The preview for exporting thumbnails for the web is absolutely NECESARY. THIS FUNCTION IS IMPORTANT
  11. Save for web with preview. Thanks a lot. David
  12. Save for Web. Would be great to see the file priview when saving/exporting. Helps double check I'm getting what I intended.