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  1. DEWLine

    Washi Tape Assets

    We can customize our own packing tape designs now? 😎
  2. Last I checked Noto Sans' design team was trying to cover just about every writing system currently known to humans, right?
  3. Looks useful! More as I learn to use palettes in general!
  4. Thanks much for these! Looking forward to working my way through these videos as time allows!
  5. Some of you might be interested in this video from Comicraft, one of the comic-book font design and lettering houses, via YouTube and apparently, they're taking steps into variable font tech. Narrated by John Gaushell... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYgZ_jX_36s
  6. This looks useful for cards I design on the spur of the moment, so thank you kindly!
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