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  1. Some of these look particularly useful for comics design...
  2. If suggestions are being taken for additions to this set, I'd like to ask for Dreamwidth. Having moved on to that service after the Putinist takeover of Livejournal...
  3. Okay, this is a thing I needed to be reminded was possible! Thank you!
  4. Well, this is good news, just in case! Thanks for raising the question, @MS63 and also to you, Walt, for delivering the answer!
  5. I'm planning to stick around, partly because I'm already involved in non-Affinity-related servers.
  6. I'm also actively looking for brushes and other resources that go well with cartographic projects.
  7. I'm already familiar with Ray Larabie's Canada 1500, and will definitely recommend it.
  8. DEWLine

    Copic Markers

    Looking forward to trying these out, thanks much!
  9. I'm fine with the browser-based Discord, and thanks for pointing this out.
  10. If you're willing to shell out a little for it, and you'd prefer the credits to look hand-lettered, might I suggest Comicraft's Credit Crunch? Looking for other options...
  11. I missed that keynote, I think. Will have to look it up later...
  12. Nicely done! Long been interested in user interface design in a general way, whether we're talking car/truck dashboards, airplane/helicopter cockpits or FUI from superhero/space opera SF shows and comics...
  13. Well, Gotham...Metropolis...that was akin to waving a cape in front of any IP lawyer with any basic North American comics knowledge. There are more obscure names at hand. But I digress.
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