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  1. Jim I am sure that Serif appreciated your investment, along with those of others (including me!). Trevor
  2. Allan Thank you for the helpful information. It looks as though I may be at risk of spending some money with Serif. Garrettm30, you are welcome.
  3. This reviewer says that footnotes are her favourite new addition to Affinity Publisher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR6j0ioY64I&t=0s However, she does not say if footnotes in a WORD document can be imported.
  4. Their website says "FOOTNOTES, ENDNOTES AND SIDENOTES" (!!!!!!!!!!!!) but when I tried to log in earlier I got a message that their website was down. I have seen their prices for new buyers, but what is the deal for existing users (who have given them some "gentle" indications of the direction to go!)?
  5. Lovely comparison, and written with humour. That's more the style of this forum, I think
  6. Lovely comparison, and written with humour. That's more the style of this forum, I think
  7. The recent posting from "Just my 2c" (whoever that is) does not appear to conform to community guidelines on politeness. Perhaps that why his/her post seems to have been removed. It is possible to be clear without being offensive. My understanding is that this forum aims to be a supportive environment, while also reporting bugs, problems and frustrations to Serif.
  8. Ramon said "BUT I am going to make certain before paying a dime that it has the features that I need (including of course footnotes/endnotes). I won't be cheated a second time." Well said! I did not read the detailed description before buying, the same as I don't read the conditions that I supposedly agree to when installing software. Nor does anyone, I expect (apart perhaps from a few lawyers with nothing better to do with their time). And what is 10 days - or even 24 days - when one is starting out with such a complex program? Most of us also have other calls on our time and even though I viewed as soon as possible as many Serif videos as possible, I didn't discover the lack of support for footnotes until I was importing the text of a book into Affinity Publisher. Even then, I assumed that doing this was just another feature that I had not yet learnt. Starting with a program like this is overwhelming, with hundreds of details to be learnt. The 50 pages of comments and complaints on this subject on this forum are ample testimony to the disappointment and shock of purchasers when they discovered that such a fundamental feature was missing. Frankly, without it, Affinity Publisher does not merit serious consideration.
  9. You are spot on. No information, no facts, no promises. I thought that I had seen the wrong video. They have had fun making that, using staff, time and skills that should have been used developing the programs. Very disappointing. The time to celebrate is after a successful release, not before it.
  10. That would be wonderful! - even transformative! It would make the difference between not being able to use Publisher for certain types of publications, and being able to use it.
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