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  1. In this video I share with you how to fix RTL on Affinity Designer but its work Publisher and Photo as well, Free Fix Download Link: https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/ Enjoy!
  2. Yes !! Advertising companies works worldwide so that's a one of all other reasons that's till now didn't switch. My hope and best wishes to see Affinity the standard of the market.
  3. V2 worth to upgrade it has more futures than V1 ( my personal opinion ) like shape builder tool and style picker and wrapping etc. I get the universal license with that 40% off which I believe will last to 25th of this month.
  4. Maybe in V3 IDK, We can work with free solutions until next updates. I'm working with that website I share on my video for a simple reason which is I don't like extras softwares so I don't trust them. I wish to see serif add a simple box that reverse text somehow for RTL users I will appreciate it because it something necessary
  5. I'm glad and proud of our community and happy to see everyone sharing their experiences and knowledge. Special thanks for the community.
  6. One more thing I'm not against the 3th party apps to be understood, but It's a necessary things why we pay extra for it, with that price We can get addons... I appreciate the work of all developers that make that apps. As I found a free alternative that no one talk about ( in my opinion ) I've made a video in the same minute I found it because of tge community. Best regards
  7. Hello Paolo I understand your point of view, I agree if you can buy it, what about my Mac and Ipad? Is a native text reverse a good solution or no? I hope you understand my point of view, and not all affinity users can afford that 30usd or even less, and there is who still use V1 Mr Paolo, as I explained in the videos there is afree alternative why should me pay extras? RTL is something necessary to have in softwares im my groups where I teach most are interested to get affinity sotfwares but most of them RTL for creating Ads a d retouch photos or even publishing books. That's we need a solution from serif and nor 3th party apps. Have a lovely day.
  8. No We don't need them, It's okay if you need them by yourself but why we pay extra money for something like RTL apps? So my fix and workaround do the best and make my job done so why pay more! If I can get it and evey thing that I need others can't right? My self I like Serif software and I believe that they do thier best for the community, No subscription, and constant updates.... Thank you Mr Walt for you point of view I really appreciate it. Best regards
  9. Im still looking because I spent my time looking for solution as soon as I find more I will share instantly RTL Fixer its a paid sotware wht we dont have same thing as I show integrated in Affinity softwares why we need 3th party apps ?? Thank you so much Mr mike We will appreciate that and will save us time. wishing you all the best ♥
  10. Thank you so much for your reply, what Mean by short code is a simple text input that reverse it, I will explain more when you type RTL the software read it as LTR okay, so in a little window inside affinity they can add a simple box for input then it give us an output as reversed text, I hope you understand, I found a simple way to do that and I've made a video on youtube i will join it bellow, I'm not talking about major updates just a simple box that reverse text then we copy and past it you will understand more by watching my video https://youtu.be/zVLIJlxjj6w Thanks to everyone, We love Affinity and We wish they help us with RTL
  11. WE NEED RIGHT TO LEFT PLEASE!!! Waiting for years now and still no native solution. Who need RTL please comment down to reach dev team as soon as possible. I have V1 and V2 and not working on both Thanks Please note we dont need 3th party apps or softwares. we need a native fix which can be done easly by a short code that reverse letters.
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