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  1. I agree with both of these. Just tested with an existing 32pp publication that we previously produced in InDesign. I created a 32pp layout and just placed the images (no text imported yet). I have a resulting 505MB Publisher file. The InDesign file was 19MB. I can live with this for testing purposes but for ongoing production it would be a pain to essentially have the space usage of 2 copies of everything.
  2. My feedback to Serif on this is that I would like files to truly link, and the document stores only an optimized thumbnail.
  3. I would like to see a different behavior here. The Publisher file should embed an optimized thumbnail only, if an asset is linked. Otherwise what's the point of linking except for updates? This is not the behavior we expect as compared to competing design applications.
  4. I see this has been fixed in 221. :-)
  5. I can confirm this bug and the workaround on beta 206. When editing a paragraph style and unselecting "combine identical," that setting doesn't stick. Thanks for posting the workaround, it helped me sort out this issue on a document so I can continue to test the feature with the correct behavior. :-)