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  1. Oh My Goodness. What a palaver. After downloading, installing and uninstalling launching these different Affinity apps about 40 times, I finally have access to the full suite. Thanks to Lee at Affinity for sticking with it and not being condescending. I can get started on my ventures now. If I change computers does it mean that I have to do this all over again? I hope not๐Ÿ˜’ Peace SMW
  2. 'can you try using the command to disable openCL for Designer again and see if it launches?' I have tried the commands for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and they don't work. Comes up as a error and unrecognized command. At a loss. SMW
  3. @OzNate That is frustrating. Well I spoke too soon about my Affinity access. I can only get Aff. Publisher right now. The others Aff. Designer and Photo don't work still. Might try restarting. I was able to disable the OpenCL through the run command (or something) See the Feb 4th post above for the codes. Apparently the graphic cards that come with MS or Windows 11 ( I dont know) are notoriously poor at accommodating Affinity programmes. SMW
  4. I HAVE AFFINITY!!!! The command to disable Open CL was incorrect. Given the right command and it is launched , I am registered all is as it should be. Haven't tried it with the Photo or designer yet but I think it will work.๐Ÿ˜ SMW
  5. I still have no access to any of the affinity apps. Nothing suggested works. I think that my graphics card does not support the apps AMD Radeon I am looking to buy a new laptop but not just yet. Seems as thought the moderators or Affinity Team have abandoned me. .......
  6. Hello if you are still following this now tedious topic. I am liaising with a moderator via email. They think that it is something to do with the Intel graphic card and a poor OpenCL ..... don't ask. So he says to disable it and then launch the apps. How to here: I am in the midst of trying it now. I had uninstalled everything because I was vexed so reinstalling again now. Hope this is the key. Don't how I am supposed to update the Intel openCL thing though. Will let you know if I have any joy. ๐Ÿคจ Looks like I didn't submit this. Update, I did all those tings and nothing happened. The command given wasn't recognised so waiting for the moderator to come back with the next solution. Sigh
  7. That was one of the first things I did in the beginning. Ha Will try again. Maybe I need a new PC or get on to MS Windows. It might be my settings
  8. @Ron P. I did that, clicked 'run as administrator' Then it asked if Affinity could make changes to my computer I said yes. Then nothing happened. What is suppose to happen?
  9. @debraspicher It definitley installs under both MSIX and MSI. It just doesn't load or is it run? Either way it doesn't open so I can't use it. 'Run as administrator'?? When do I right click? On the app thumbnail (that is all I have) or anytime or what, where or when? I really mean it when I say tech isn't my thing. Loosing all hope
  10. OK' everyone, I tried the deactivate thing on the reset window. That didn't work. I looked at the event viewer log thing. Dont know what I was looking for or at but screenshot the page for the moderators if I ever hear from them. Then I uninstalled all the programmes and reinstalled using the MSI EXE thing. I really believed it would work. It didn't. The same issue occured... It might be the settings on my laptop. Thanks for all your suggestions
  11. That's interesting. I might try that before I do the MSI thing but mine isn't activated in the first place. Will do it now.
  12. Oh, Ok, Thank you both., @StuartRcand @debraspicher I really am not a tech person but I will have a go at the MSI thing. There are no error messages at all except to say that that Affinity is not responding and to wait or close. It is installed but doesn't open. I hope that the MSI thing works. Will do it tomorrow when I am less tired else I might mess it up. Will certainly let you all know what happens. Regards SMW
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