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  1. Perhaps what's needed is an Affinity Photo Resource Guide. A listing of all online and in print training and who it's geared for. An absolute beginner would know where to go, what's worth paying for. Also a list of free resources which range from Affinity's on YouTube tutorials to the several YouTube channels posting tutorials. I do think there's a need for "jargon-free" training for the beginner that doesn't assume one has any prior experience with this or other company's paint programs. When a newbie hears the term "unsharp mask" they need to reach for the Babel Fish. Sometimes you need to know what's not there as well. I spend half a day looking for "Type on Path" only to finally be told while it's in Designer and even the beta of Publisher, it doesn't exist in Photo (yet?).
  2. Thanks. Time to make a feature request I guess.
  3. Is it possible to have Text On Path in Affinity Photo? I know it's possible in Affinity Designer but I can't seem to do it in Affinity Photo. I tried creating a Path with the Pen Tool and then using the Artistic Text Tool and typing but can't get it to follow the path.
  4. Confirmed Search Help for Preferences broken on Mac. They're there. Search for Preferences doesn't find them though.
  5. Using Affinity Photo > Help > Affinity Photo Help searching Preferences shows No Results There may well be other portions broken as well.
  6. I found it in the Mac Help. It doesn't show in Search though. Search itself works. Preferences or anything related doesn't show in Search though.
  7. Interesting. I do see it in the web based version. In the Mac version under Help > Affinity Photo Help. Nothing (no results)
  8. Affinity Photo Reset individual included Swatches to Default. For example one may want to reset Greys or Colors or Gradients to default after adding those that you no longer need.
  9. Affinity Photo please include a dedicated Preferences section in Help. I did a search for Preferences in the Help Menu and in Affinity Photo Help document and nothing matches.
  10. Strange how I can't search this in the Help. I thought it might be in Preferences but searching for Preferences doesn't show anything at all.
  11. Affinity Photo: How to Reset Color Swatches Palette to default? In Swatches Affinity Color Palette Gray I've added Swatches. After doing that I don't seem to see a way to reset it back to the default Grey Swatches. How would I do that?
  12. I badly need to create charts for marketing and sales documents. Sans that, I have to keep using Apple Pages. For me it's mission critical. Probably the best way to implement would be to create a Table and then offer means to translate into various bar or pie charts.