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  1. I really agree that this is a top priority needing to be developed. . Already made similar requests in other posts. It would be nice if Serif read this and give priority to it's development. Greetings Dennis
  2. Yes please some html output will be very useful! +1 for me
  3. Yes please! Add an html export to publisher. I finally don't have to switch then and can do all my web design work in affinity. +1 for me Dennis
  4. I only need some basic copy/paste develop settings to a batch of raw files. And there are more people with this wish:
  5. I see there are more users who would like this: Can someone from affinity give us any info on the topic and how developments priorities are laying about this topic?
  6. +1 Please embed some kind of batch develop functionality where one can apply previously created develop adjustments to a bulk of raw images.
  7. Hello develop team, Is there any change that you could add some kind of batch development /conversion for raw files? The possibility to save the raw develop module setting on one file, and then use these settings on all files in a directory would be enough. At least for me. Something like the actions, but then for raw development. I really do not need a DAM. just this possibility. Anyone else? Regards Dennis
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