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  1. It might be the case of your laptop config. It's not only RAM but also swap file, graphics card and general performance. 30 raw files might be simply too much.
  2. Next to the font name on the top change it to regular and you will see all types of it (your current setting is Medium).
  3. Serge R

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    Stunning. Fantastic creativity and skills. Love them all!
  4. Nice work but I have a question: Why do you convert files to CMYK and work in that colour space? There are no CMYK monitors, you are limiting your colour space by millions of colours. Work in sRGB and let printers covert it to whatever they need as you never know what print process they are using (they might print in CMYKGO for example). If you create poster in CMYK and send it to print on 8 colours inkjet you are loosing a lot. Stick to sRGB
  5. Thank you very, very much. Really appreciate it.
  6. That's great resource! Well done and very useful. Thank you very much! If I may suggest something... If that's possible you could include option to choose between weeks starting on Sunday or on Monday as now it can't be changed unless I can't find this option.
  7. I just had something like this while closing the program. Without help window open.
  8. I don't think it is a problem as you have Narrow selected next to your font family. When you click on selection and choose Regular you will see 9 again as in Designer. I can't comment on Sava font though as I don't have it.