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  1. In today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial will show you how to create a cinematic color grading for any portrait, in just 4 easy steps! Outdoor wedding photos can be a hot or miss depending on the season, light, weather and location. There are so many factors that can make or break a photoshoot. But as you already know you have to work with what you have since 99% of the time you cannot reschedule the photo session. So what can you do when the location or other factors are not optimal for you to be able to deliver amazing photos? Affinity Photo comes to save the day ( ok my self as well 😛 ) In today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I am going to show you a series of techniques that you can use in order to retouch and transform your wedding ( or even portrait ) photos into cinematic masterpieces Got any questions? Let me know. I would be more than happy to help
  2. Sundays are always good for experimentation and blowing off some creative steam, without client deadlines and briefs. So for this Sunday I created a poster for one of my favorite Electronic Music producers: Chicane. Chicane has released a few albums that have been my creative companions for many many years ad I always go back to them when inspiration is needed. Here you can see the poster and some screenshots with details. Got any questions? Let me know. I would be more than happy to answer them Cheers from Greece Stratos.
  3. @Paul Gray You mean the environments that are in? No. They are mock ups I simply put my designs to the poster placeholders, if that;s what you are asking
  4. Hello Everyone. I am Stratos from Greece and these are a couple of abstract posters I created in order to decorate our offices. So far I have created 5 and these are the first two that will go out to be printed. Fan fact: almost half of all posters were designed on an iPad while on the go ;-) Love Affinity software so far and we are transitioning from Adobe and Corel to Affinity, fast and surely :) Kind Regards Stratos Agiani
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