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  1. Aha! Yes that would be it... Thanks, couldn't see that option for looking! There's so many options in the preferences that it's easy to miss the one you want to change.
  2. Is there a way to change the default stroke width unit from points to millimetres? The document units in the Document Setup don't get reflected in the stroke dialogue box. I know you can put your millimetre measurement in the stroke dialogue box and it will convert it to points. It would be nice if you could set the stroke with units to whatever you want, be it points, picas, inches or millimetres.
  3. Hi MEB, Thanks for the info, I was aware of that, but coming from the early days of Illustrator (Version 3 on Floppy discs!) on the Mac and a single button mouse, old habits are hard to unlearn! Using 2 fingers to control click does seen un-intutive especially if you're used to the old way. A lot of the layout tools are easier to control if you just use the Ctrl button especially if you're moving between the shift and the cmd. I also use a tablet so it's sort of ingrained in me to use the ctrl+click method.
  4. That’s the problem! I don’t use a mouse so I can’t ‘right click’. This is a bug.
  5. Yes, you can delete the colours if you are using a mouse... I'm on a Macbook Pro, and the contextual menu don't appear on the swatches panel when using the click and ctrl using the trackpad to click and holding down the ctrl key. I still think it's a bug...
  6. If you add a colour to the swatches panel (any) and you want to delete it, the default ctrl+click on swatch doesn't bring up the contextual pop-up menu, so you're unable to delete the swatch. It works as it should in Affinity Photo...
  7. Will you be able to save to the IDML format as well? This will allow you to send IDML files to those who want/need to work in InDesign.
  8. It is a must for .eps files with Spot colours to import those colours to the document, and not change them to CMYK breakdown. If you work with clients that have all their assets (logos etc) in Illustrator eps format, then it is a must that the colours that are defined in those files, be they spot or global, get transferred to the Publisher document. Then if you need to output the file with the spot colours they should then separate to their own plate for printing. Sadly Affinity Designer also doesn't honour imported eps files with spot colours, so it seems an Application wide problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be implemented soon.
  9. It seems that layers are local to each page and not global per document. Being able to assign a layer, for instance, for laser text and one for normal text makes it easy to switch off the laser text layer document wide when you output the page. This helps make sure that you have all the laser text correctly assigned. I do a lot of direct mail design and artwork which needs the ability to separate normal preprinted text from the variable laser text. Global layers would also useful for putting other versions of the laser text on different named layers, thus keeping the different versions on the same base artwork.
  10. Thanks @MEB, I was just showing you that sometimes what works in default mode sometimes doesn't work when you change background colours. The Bleed should be visible on all backgrounds no matter where the grey slider is .
  11. @mac_heibu Great, thanks for that. I didn't know you could import InDesign colour palettes into Publisher. You learn something every day! Just need to have Publisher import eps files with spot colours and not have it convert them to cmyk...
  12. Is there anyway to change the default Swatches Colours panel from HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness) to CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) so that all the defined colours are cmyk, a must for commercial printing. At least the 4 process colours should be defined. I know you can define and add your own colours to a document, but it seems against the grain that when you select one of the defined colours it is defined in HSL. I've been using Quark Xpress and InDesign for years and it seems odd that a professional Publishing program doesn't default to cmyk colour swatches.
  13. It seems that Spot Colours in eps files are not supported... If I import/place an eps file with spot colours defined, these spot colours aren't imported into the swatches panel. If I select "Create Palette From Document > As Document Palette" I get a whole list of colours, none of them actually appear on the page. If you want to delete this palette, this doesn't work: Select Delete Palette from the Swatches Drop down menu, a pane appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the palette, click "Yes" and thePalete is still there. The eps file seems to have been converted to a CMYK object because if you export the page as a pdf with "Honour Spot Colours" ticked it outputs the spot colours as cmyk. So you can't print separations from the pdf file.
  14. If it's not possible for the user to select the Bleed colour now could you please change it to something that contrasts with the grey background as it is difficult to see if you have a light mid-grey background! See attached screenshot.