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  1. Since Catalina and BigSur and now on Monterey the same old story, very slow startup on Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer an Affinity Publisher. Serif can you do better? Since almost 2 years the startup of this 3 apps is annoying. Other company as ON1 do better. So whats wrong Serif? Best regards Michael
  2. Still 20 bounces at startup with all Serif Apps. MacOS 11.5 didn't solve that!.
  3. Update to Big Sur 11.4 and still having bounching apps ( Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher).
  4. Here I go again, hopefully not, on my own 🙂 Photo 1.93 (apple store) and the other Serif Apps Designer (Apple Store) and Publisher (Serif store) still have a slow start up, approx. 30 bumps till they start up, I same issues as in Version 1.92. Did Serif called that fixed? MacOS 11.2.3 / 4GHZ Core I-7 /16 GB
  5. Thank you for your reply, so I am looking forward that serif will fix this annoying app start.
  6. Not worky, still poor performance with a bounching app icon, after a app started it is fine working with it. Closing an app and do restart Photo, Designer or Publisher (bought from serif app store) the same game again!
  7. Today I installed the update for Photo version 1.92 for MacOS 11.2.3 and still a slow startup for about 15 seconds (so do Publisher and Designer), than its worky until you close the application. Starting the app again, aprox. 2 hours later the same happend, waiting for Photo to start and watching the bounching app icon. That sucks, still not solved. Regards Michael
  8. Count me in, Affintiy Photo (MacAppStore), Affinity Designer (MacAppStore) and Affinity Publisher (Affintity AppStore) (all three are version 1.9) start up very slow with about 20 Icon bounching.
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