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  1. Thanks à lot R C-R !!! Everything I'm looking is stored in this folder. It's perfect ! It would be a great thing to be hable to import/export all our preferences in once (brushes/presets/workspace layout/…).
  2. UPDATE : There's nothing in the hidden files en folders in "My Home Directory/Library/Application Support/" These presets have to be store somewhere in MacOS of my previous computer but where ?
  3. Hi, I'm moving to a new computer, Ive installed the Affinity suite 2 I've transfered all the Affinity 2 application support folders : My Home Directory/Library/Application Support/Affinity Designer 2 (+ Photo 2 + Designer 2) I've transfered all the Affinity 2 preferences : My Home Directory/Library/Preferences/com.seriflabs.afinity…2.plist Everything works but all of my personal setups (brushes, curves, LUTs) are not restored 🤔 Somebody knows where are they stored in Macos, please ?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I found a way (not simple but it works) : 1- add all my color adjustements on separate adjustement layers (don't forget to named every layers with the name you give to the adjustement) 2- save the document as a *.afphoto 3- upgrade your software 4- open your *.afphoto with all your saved color adjustements layers 5- resave them one by one [-_-!] in the adjustements panel … It's a little bit long if you have got a huge adjustements library.
  5. Hi, I've try to upgrade AfPhoto but when I've open this new version (ctrl+click to be sure that all reset options have been unchecked), all my curves presets, my workspace, … disappeared. Fortunatly my TimeMachine works fine and I've restored the previous version with the com.seriflabs.affinityphoto folder. What is the best way to upgrade it without headache ? AfPhoto 1.6.7 Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6
  6. Hello ! Here is my last creation made with Affinity Photo. This creation is an hybrid between photo retouching and digital airbrushing to obtain a retro 80's airbrush style. Enjoy it ! [^_^] Lot's of layers ... [^_^!] More details on my behance page : https://www.behance.net/gallery/66338185/LOVE-HATE-and-VICE-VERSA
  7. In my case, it's not a frustration, it's a need. I create artwork for music labels and Apple iTunes always ask us uncompressed TIFF files (4000x4000@300dpi-sRGB or AdobeRGB) ; if not, your file is rejected by their systems of validation. And when I create covers for physical albums, SONY Music wants a complete folder with pre-press files, fonts, PDF, ... and images in uncompressed TIFF. So it's not a luby. I love working with Affinity Photo, it's a very powerfull and great software but this little lack force me too always use another software to complete my images job ... Annoying, isn't it ?
  8. @ Fixx : No of course not But the Irix's Picture Viewer has got simple great options to enhance the sharpness of a picture. I have never found this kind of options in any picture editing softwares. In fact you can find these kind of options in 3D softwares to correct and to adjust the antialiasing before a render (antialiasing filters - AAF) ... I have to write a post with examples because results are really good !
  9. Hello, After a quick search on DuckDuckGo, I found this post about "Uncompressed TIFF" in AP. I design covers for some music labels and I work with AP and uncompressed TIFF is a need because Apple iTunes/Music needs covers 4000x4000px sRGB in uncompressed TIFF file format. And after the second feed back I understound AP can't do it (!!!) and I'll have to use a 3rd party software to convert AP TIFF files to an uncompressed version (-_-!). For the little story, I use the Irix's picture viewer of my SGI Octane to do it ... a 17 years old computer ... just because it's fun
  10. Hi all ! Personally I prefer use Filter Forge. It's a powerful tool to create all kind of filters : you can do it yourself or choose one from a huge library ... and it works fine with AP. Lots of graphic studio use this kind of powerful plugin without shame ...
  11. ???? But I smile because it's true and all my friends know it : I'm a hard worker because I love my job of graphic designer for 20 years.
  12. In fact, after a simple copy/paste, the way to resize object in AP works like smart object function in Photoshop BUT you don't have to pay attention to the update of the file. Some people could think it's a silly way to work but I've never made a mistake by having forget a update of an object ... I use my head instead of let the machine do. (^_^!) And another detail : packshots are on another hard drive. They are archived on a bluray for my jewels library (+2500 objects), and catalogs of a year are archived on a "customer's bluray" ...
  13. I agree ! But when you've got 16 pages and more than 120 jewels on it with specifics colors adjustements for each of them to unify the graphic design, it's better and quicker to have a "final" object on your page instead of using the dynamic one because you have to manage less sources. There is a total of 148 sources in this project ... ;-)
  14. Hi all ! I'm proud to show you how AP is a professionnal tool. I'm near the end of the of a graphic design of a jewelry catalog for a major French retailer. It was a real challenge I want to succeed and it have been hard because of my 20 years of using Adobe tools ... but I did it ! Why using AP instead Photoshop ? Because of one particular thing : the non destructive effect when you resize au layer. This is really important when you compose a page with objects and you don't know what could be the their final size. In Photoshop this action is destructive and you loose lots of details by trying to find the good placement of your object, so you have to duplicate your object : one for the draft copy and the second one for the final placement ... and pray so that is the last décision of your costumer ! GREAT ! The second things are "move by whole pixel" and "force alignment of pixels" options, the best way to keep a sharp definition of your objects ! SO GREAT ! The third thing is exporting with Lanczos algorythmes ... SO SO GREAT ! At the end of this project, I'll post a long list of little features that could help us to be more productive with AP : management of selection (add to selection, subtract from selection, ...), improve fill panel, "new layer" panel like "adjustments" panel ... Jewels have not been retouched in AP because I need two things to do it well : 1- Oil painting filter. I make a personnal use of this filter to obten specific results on the internals shapes of a jewel. There is a free option for Windows but nothing for Mac ... Source files can be downloaded but I don't know to compile for OSX : https://yande.re/forum/show/2007?page=1 2- Improvments for gradient and color picker tools, actually they are too long to use. See you in few weeks !
  15. This an awesome example of a simple stuff with vector design ! AWESOME !!!
  16. Very good composition and nice choise of colors. Everything is perfectly balanced.
  17. I don't know if you have the same trouble, but after I've created this library (but it's true for an other), the batch processing function crash AP each time I want to use it and all my macros libraries (and the default library too) with no possibility to reinstall it. The bug have been reported here >> https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33703-batch-processing-always-crash-the-app/
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