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  1. Yes, "professional" is just telling that someone earns money with his work. And you're right it's not the professional / amateur distinction which is relevant here. But in any case we can agree that a fully-enabled color management is missing currently, but is needed importantly! But what could we do to convince Serif to implement this!?
  2. As you see nobody from Serif commented. I took the time to sum up all colormanagement needs, but now feel that I wasted me time. Maybe helpful for others to see what to look for in another application. But my conclusion is that Serif is and will not be addressing the professional market -- at least not short term. Other statements from Serif to aim at professionals are just "advertisements" but are not reflected in the products themselves. There is a surprisingly large group of "professionals" not using colormanagement (at all or fully), but the better professionals surely do know how to use color management and need and use it. I'll continue to use my old Photoshop version for color critical things, when Affinity does not offer the needed features... ๐Ÿ˜ž
  3. Viva Designer would work, but on some of my test documents it crashed and the ones which got exported where "distorted" that the content was scrambled around. So if it would work it would be solution. For me it is not.
  4. It hangs "forever". I did not wait "forever", but it takes way longer than it should. Similar: also when I'm on the background (image layer) and use the command "Auto-Contrast" or "Auto-Color" it takes very long (minutes) till the operation finishes (if it does). In all cases the program states "no reaction", when I press ESC to cancel the processing and APhoto does not react at all. I have not waited more than several minutes, but needed to kill the process. ๐Ÿ˜ž A similar document (same image and texts) directly My laptop is not the newest, but with other programs (Photoshop, Capture One.) I can work in decent speed - Intel Core i3 3110M, Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 16 GB of RAM
  5. Haha, I understand. Maybe you're right. But in that case it shows that Affinity has really not reached the professional world. I personally have a professional background, but now need software just for private usage. So it seems for color critical work I'll still have to resort to my old Photoshop. What a pity. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. Thanks Walt, good to hear that the reports are read at least. But I see that the team seems to small and they cannot really get to all matters which normally would be important. ๐Ÿ˜ž (I'm not speaking of this bug here, but missing features like cross references and others).
  7. No one else needing full color mannagement features in Affinity products? I am much surprised...
  8. What happens to bug reports? Seems I have taken the time to find the right place to post bugs, describe the problem, but nobody cares!? BTW, the marketing text says that Publisher documents can be fully edited in Photo and Design -- which seems not to be true in that case.
  9. I also see too many important features missing. Now Affinity is a great solution for some amateurs and offers much for this user group. For many professional use cases it is far from being able to replace Adobe products (and they do not have much real competition in the Publishing World, that's why they can force their users to go to a subscription model). But I think it would be a great idea to hire additional good software developers to speed up the improvements in Affinity. I am sure many would not be willing or able to pay more, but many would be willing. One possibility coming to my mind is the license model Reaper (Audio) is handling. They do not look the programs at all and believe that (at least long term) users will register the program -- which is mandatory after the trial time. This seems to work btw. They charge a modest amount in the same range like Affinity (60 bucks) -- for personal use. As soon one earns money with the program you have to pay a price roughly 4-times higher -- which is still attractive and totally reasonable for commercial use. Updates are included for the same major version. Then you have to pay the full price for the next version. Here I think they could offer an upgrade price, but they don't...
  10. I confirm that in the beta the bug is not existent any longer.
  11. Reproduce the error: Press V Try to move the marquee selection with the mouse โ†’ booooom ๐Ÿ˜ž Marquee-Tool_Crash.afphoto
  12. Answering my own question partly: Inpainting can be automized like I want. But I do not see how I can enlarge an (image)-Object or (pixel)-Object with a transparent border. I can change the canvas size of the complete document, but this is not what I want / need here... Any ideas?
  13. Mmh, I don't get that concept. An image from a camera is always rasterized in pixels. At least in the digital world. We don't "paint" with silver halides any longer usually I watched the explanation video to pixel vs image layers. My "missing" image was also changed with the Inpainting-Tool. So at this moment -- when an operation is destructive -- the image turns into a pixel layer. So I now watched the next video how to do that non-destructive. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the help.
  14. I think I copied all images in the same way (drag 'n drop). But I am not 100 % sure. The "missing" picture is listed as (Pixel), while the images which show up in the Resource Manager are listed as (Image) in the Layer Panel. BTW, the latter are linked images. I don't remember if I had it that way from the beginning or changed later. But that should not make a difference, shouldn't it?
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