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  1. How do you manage linked text frames? For example, unlink text frames or move a link from one frame to another?
  2. rusty5

    Table bug

    To get your Master Page working again you might try the following: In the Page 1 Layers menu RIGHT click on the Master layer and change “Edit Frame Content” to “Edit Linked”. Click on the layer "Text & Logo", and CUT it out of the layers menu. Now move from Page 1 to the Master Pages page (double click the Master Pages page to bring it forward) and PASTE "Text & Logo" to the Master Page Layer. Do the same thing for Linen. Do this one more time with R2019. See what happens …
  3. In the Text Styles dialogue box, the "Current Formatting" window at the top of the box appears to be smaller that any other text box I've seen in Publisher. Preview text is actually cropped off as shown in the screenshot below. Just curious, is this by design, or should this window be the same size as all other text boxes?
  4. I typically set my display size to 1680x1050 (center image), but tried the default setting (first image) and well as all the other available display setting. I could see no difference in the Text Styles dialogue box. I have Publisher's Font UI size set to Default (third image). This is certainly not a big issue, it just challenges my sense of order : )
  5. I have seen some strange behavior with Affinity Publisher and Apple's iCloud. In some versions of the beta an Affinity Publisher folder appears aloneside the Designer and Photo folders in iCloud, in some versions it does not appear at all. In the last few versions the Affinity Publisher folder is there, it's just invisible. If I move from a standard Mac view to show invisible files, the Publisher folder appears and is accessible. If I go back to a normal view, that folder disappears, although the contents are available from an open file dialogue box. The attached video shows an iCloud folder going from a normal view to showing invisible files. Affinity Publisher invisible folder.mp4
  6. Mac Publisher beta #292 I've been exploring Publishers handling of images. I created a test page, added an image and selected Convert to Picture Frame. This worked as expected. I decide I no longer wanted the picture frame so went back to the contextual menu to look for a "Remove Picture Frame" option, which does not appear to be an option. So out of curiosity I selected Convert to Text Frame, which crashes Publisher every time. My questions: Does an option to "Remove Picture Fame" make sense? And shouldn't "Convert to Text Frame" be grayed out? Is there ever a time when a Picture Frame would be converted to a Text Frame? Just being curious. Convert to Picture Frame.mp4
  7. I haven't been trying to create anything to involved, just learning the program. So in this case, all I was attempting to do is discard the frame, leaving the picture in tact. Essentially returning to the original state before converting to a picture frame.
  8. rusty5

    Problems exporting output

    Uncheck the layer marked "FreeVector-Tank-Front-View" and then export. See what happens.
  9. On a Mac, it's Command and Page up only if you have an extended keyboard. For those without an extended keyboard the keys are fn+Command+ up or down arrow.
  10. I have encounter a similar issue. Text Frame Ghost.mp4
  11. The screenshot below shows the default page navigation settings for Affinity Publisher on the Mac, the Command key plus the up and down arrows. Unfortunately the Command and Arrow keys in combination do not work on a laptop. However, using fn and Command in combination with the arrow keys will invoke page to page navigation.
  12. rusty5

    Text Wrap Issue

    I've been playing with Text Wrap for awhile and here's what I've encountered on my Mac running Publisher beta 249. I can get the margin sizes to do absolutely nothing, as mentioned by RenWaller, and I can get them to move away from an image as one would expect (mostly). It appears to me that Affinity has an odd implementation of selection buttons on some dialogue boxes. When I click on a selection box in Text Wrap a highlight border in that box turns blue. Oddly, if I click on another selection box it turns blue as well. It appears to me that the selection options are working more like check boxes (multiple items can be selected ) and not like a radio button (one and only one option is selected) as I would expect to happen. So, to get the boxes to work for me, I check then uncheck the various Text Wrap options until I think everything is clear, and then select the options that I want. This has worked so far. Obviously not a long term solution : ) Affinity_Text_Wrap.mp4
  13. I tried this on a Mac laptop and it works as expected. However the first time I tried find, I couldn't find the find dialogue box. Turns out it was hiding on the left side panel with Pages and Assets. So I would also recommend going to the View menu, slide down to Studio and then slide over and down to Reset Studio and give it one more try.
  14. If you have a Mac laptop, try using the fn key and the Command key in combination, then hitting the up and down arrows. This should scroll from page to page, or if there are facing pages, from spread to spread.
  15. Open the file and go to the layers menu. Check to see if anywhere inside layers is a "Master A" layer. I've noticed that a Master A is created as a layer in new files. If you find a Master A layer, delete that layer. Save the file and try the steps again, select all, copy and paste and see what happens. I'm wondering if a Master layer in a selected group might somehow conflict when pasting back into itself.
  16. I was just trying to identify the location of the settings mentioned by fde101 above. Sorry if I created any confusion.
  17. For anyone else who struggled to find the correct location for these settings : )
  18. In a default Mac selection box, when the user clicks into a cell to insert the typing cursor, the frame around the cell turns blue making that cell active (see attachment). Now hitting the return key activates the default behavior, in this case closing the dialogue box. In Affinity's software, when a cursor is inserted into a cell, that cell does not turn blue, but after the first return the cell turns blue, becomes active, and then the second return triggers the default behavior of that dialogue box. It appears that all 3 Affinity products behave in the same manner. Is this a design choice?
  19. Another source for Mac Modifier keys Mac Modifier Keys
  20. rusty5 issues

    I find that if I select the "Table Tool" right before I want to work in a table, then click into the cell, editing seem to work as expected.
  21. If I click on the little red eye that shows additional text and then click on the bottom center or right center node, the frame expands to fit the text on my Mac. Running Publisher version
  22. I'm running MacOS 10.14.2 and have no problem duplicating pages either right clicking or using the duplicate button. Both produce the same expected results.
  23. Another option, go to the history tab and scroll back until you find two deletes together. Pick a history state before the first delete, revert to that state and "save as" with a slightly new name. Again, see what happens.
  24. Open the file. Go to the File menu and uncheck "Save History With Document". Save the file. Close the file and reopen. See what happens.

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