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  1. I have created a new document but when I attempt to Export as PNG or JPG it is hanging on the export dialogue for ages before creating the output file. This is a new problem I'm experiencing since the .249 update today Army night.afpub
  2. but that is a work-around - where is the colour selector for Stroke?
  3. I'm experiencing issues when selecting text and then wanting to add a stroke - the option for stroke is available in the Style menu, but no colour option is available. I've seen a stroke colour selector on the top bar before now - although not sure if that is just for text box as opposed to Artistic text. The only way I could get to set colour is to go in to Character, where I could adjust it under Decorations. This does seem to be overly hidden for the stroke function. I'm running version on MacOSX 10.14.1.

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