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  1. RenWaller

    Color Exporting Issues

    I think that may have been my problem. Thank you!
  2. RenWaller

    Color Exporting Issues

    Although, should I have it set to "assign" or "convert"? And what's the difference?
  3. RenWaller

    Color Exporting Issues

    As many suggested, I checked out the document color profile, changed it to US Web Coated (SWOP) - I did this last week, and now I can't remember what it was before - and it seems to be working fine now. I will repost if I have issues again. Thanks for all your help!
  4. RenWaller

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Thanks @Jon P!
  5. RenWaller

    Color Exporting Issues

    I exported it as the preset PDF (for print) and the profile is US Web Coated (SWOP) v2. And I reopened the exported PDF in Publisher, and the colors that were previously one thing were now something different. Is that the information you're looking for?
  6. RenWaller

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Hello @Jeremy Bohn, attached is the file. Thanks! 2244 APX Product Catalog two pages.afpub
  7. RenWaller

    Color Exporting Issues

    The customer mentioned the customers looked off, and then when I opened the PDF up in Publisher, the colors were not what they were supposed to be. I created a profile that's specifically supposed to keep the colors CMYK, and that profile shifted the colors the most. The default "for print" PDF export option kept them a lot closer, but they still shifted.
  8. RenWaller

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Good thought, but I actually I don't. I just went back and checked my document but the 3+... is no longer there and it's still doing the same thing when I reflow.
  9. When I try to export my documents in CMYK it's switching the color in the exported file. My 0,100,98,0 becomes 0, 89, 88, 0. This is not good. My client is the one who noticed after he printed his files.
  10. Hello, I applied a text style to some text, and then I reflowed that same text into a different frame and the formatting (the size) changed. See the text "operating specifications" in the attached images. The bulleted text underneath that also changes when I try to include it in the above frame.
  11. Hello, It looks like for me in the new Beta (1.7.2), my program crashes every time I press the "Inline in Text" button. The regular version works fine, just the beta.
  12. RenWaller

    Big files

    Okay, thank you. That's helpful.
  13. RenWaller

    Color export issues

    Actually, it looks like the new beta may fix the issue... That's a weird problem because it was working totally fine.
  14. Hello, I'm having issues with CMYK colors exporting correctly (and it does the same thing with settings changed). What is supposed to export as red (0, 100, 98, 0) is exporting as red/orange (0, 89, 88, 0). Also, the black and white images have a yellow hue as well. Please help! @Jon P, the culprit is that catalog file I just uploaded. Does it export correctly for you?
  15. RenWaller

    Big files

    Okay, thanks!