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  1. RenWaller

    Footnotes exporting garbled

    Thanks @LibreTraining! This is really great! Unfortunately, my computer doesn't know how to open these files :+/ Is there a specific program I should use?
  2. RenWaller

    Footnotes exporting garbled

    That seems to have worked. Thank you so much! Now for the question, what does sub setting fonts even mean?
  3. RenWaller

    Footnotes exporting garbled

    Thank you. I uploaded the file and the font.
  4. RenWaller

    Footnotes exporting garbled

    It looks like anything I applied the italics to in that font came out fine, and if I switch it to a different font it's fine too; I just don't know why sometimes it would be okay and sometimes it's not. I'm trying to self--diagnose. For a while it was exporting about 30 pages at a time with no issue, but once it starts happening again, it won't export any pages with the footnotes correct (and it's only the footnotes - I use that same font in the headings, and they are fine)
  5. RenWaller

    Footnotes exporting garbled

    And when I open the PDF that comes out garbled in Publisher, it's totally readable.
  6. Hello, This project keeps giving me problems. Yesterday when I exported the document, the footnotes (that I added manually) came out garbled. Then it was okay - I didn't change the font or anything. Now that I'm pretty close to finishing the project, I tried to export the file. Once again, the footnotes are coming out garbled - but they look fine in the document (see attached). I tried exporting from the new beta version, but it did the same thing. I'm not sure why it's fine some of the time, but not okay others. Please help! This is due soon.
  7. Thanks! I have already redone it, but I am afraid to resize the text frames by double click now. And since a similar error has happened twice (as far as making the file completely unusable), it definitely does need investigating. Thank you!
  8. Hello, when I double click the top or bottom of a text frame to resize it, Publisher continues to crash. Now that I've discovered what causes the crash, Publisher/that file wont open without crashing. Also, it crashes the new beta version too. I experienced this same problem during the original beta - apparently it hasn't been fixed? I would prefer not to have to redo all the work I've put into this so far. Please help! 2256 KBR Typesetting.afpub
  9. RenWaller

    Preflight Panel

    It's on page 4 (the deck blaster). Also, I'm not sure why there are so many scaling errors; I always try and place things in proportion. APX_UB30_DC(6)_Pump_Proposal.afpub
  10. RenWaller

    Preflight Panel

    Thank you! That's helpful! However, when I checked the scaling numbers on one, they were already the same. When I checked it on a different one, they were different, so I changed it tp be the same. The error didn't go away though.
  11. RenWaller

    Preflight Panel

    I'm super thankful that there is now a preflight panel! It's already helped me catch a few errors. Question though (and it may be that I just don't know how to use it yet): I have several yellow errors and a few red errors. I see how it shows me which object that is if I double click, but I'm not sure how to fix it (i.e. several images have the yellow "non-proportional scaling" error, and I don't know to fix it.) Thank you!
  12. @Patrick Connor Great! Thank you! I look forward to trying this out :+)
  13. RenWaller

    Crash upon page move/delete

    @Pauls, uploading now. Thank you!
  14. I am trying to delete a page, and every time I try to delete it, Publisher crashes. So I tried to move it to the end of the document so I can delete it from the PDF upon export, but the problem is, every time I try to move it to the back, it crashes too. It will move elsewhere (sometimes), but not to the back. In the attached document, it's page 15 - well actually, it won't attach. Any suggestions or is this a bug? I'm currently remaking the file.

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