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  1. Thank you @walt.farrell, I know I'm in Publisher, but I was unsure of whether to put this problem in the Publisher forum or the Photo forum. Also, I didn't see that opacity before. I think that may be my issue. Thank you!
  2. I am in Photo from StudioLink, and as you can see the paintbrush is selected, the color white is selected, and the mask layer is selected, but both the black and the white colors mask out the image, and the white doesn't paint the image back. (Where his mouth should be is where I have the brush.) At first I thought it was user error, but then it started happening again and I thought, "maybe I haven't lost my mind." Is it just me or is this buggy?
  3. Wow @lacerto! Thanks for that! I didn't even know live filters existed until this thread; those are wonderful. Thank you!
  4. Wow, thank you @lacerto! That's immensely helpful! How did you you accomplish the restricted Gaussian blur? Is that from the Photo live filter library? (If so how does that work? I have several other pages that have shadows, and I would like to know how to recreate that; other than copy+paste.)
  5. Hey @thomaso, The logo was linked/embedded, but then I just copied the vector paths straight from the logo file as a workaround. It didn't help. The "Shapes" group is just a bunch of polygons grouped together. So generally, the layers are just curves and shapes...which is one reason it doesn't make sense. Does that help? Some of the layers have blending modes, some of them don't, but the random boxes are indiscriminately "applied." Also, I noticed wherever I try and use the "shadow" ellipse elsewhere in the document, if it's not on a white background, there is a box. YPT Presentation Title Page.afpub
  6. @EmT, rasterizing nothing made it worse. @thomaso, rasterizing everything did help, but the layers themselves were 1) a simple vector (the logo) and 2) an ellipse with the gaussian blur effect. (But it also happens when I hide that shape and it's just the vector cubes.) Pretty standard, non-special layers.
  7. Hello, I am attempting to design a presentation, and I'm seeing boxes that are not supposed to be there. There's one around the logo and there's one around the shadow I created at the bottom. This happens when I export to PDF for print and for web, and even when I designed it in a new document. Any thoughts as to why? Solutions? Thank you!
  8. It appears that this is still an issue in the MAC version of 1.10.1 :+(
  9. That's a really helpful explanation, thank you. I don't seem to remember doing that (as I just created this document), but perhaps you are correct. Thank you for the insight.
  10. Sorry, I was referring to the text. I did no resizing of the text. Simply threading it into the next box caused the crazy size changes. I think I'm being confusing. The problem I'm having is with the threading/resizing of the text. When I thread it into the next box it gets huge (or tiny). Make any sense? Does the file I sent not do that?
  11. As an addition, I'm not trying to rescale the text frame or anything in it, I am simply trying to thread the text (and you can see the crazy size differences in the different frame examples — I did no resizing on my own). Cutting the text and redrawing the frames seemed to work (at least this time), but it is an issue that keeps occurring in different documents. *The text in "Group Health Insurance" is the correct size.
  12. Here are some screen shots as it goes both ways (really big and/or really small). I tried redrawing the text frames and it doesn't seem to solve it. (But it may have this time around. It's just really inconvenient when you're trying to decide positioning.)
  13. I'm sure someone must have written about this before, but since it still hasn't been fixed I thought I would bring it up. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when threading text between frames, the text style doesn't keep at all. It still says it's the same, but in the menu, but between frames it's either way smaller or way bigger than what it should be. Applying the style again usually fixes it, but it gets really complicated when the text transitions between frames. It happens in the beta too. Can this be fixed? 2378 OIG Trifold.afpub
  14. This happens at various stages in the exporting process. Sometimes barely even get to select PDF before it crashes, at other times it crashes during the export.
  15. Hello, Publisher keeps crashing when I try to export (even different kinds of) PDFs. It works fine when I export some documents, but not when I export others. I even got 7 pages of one, but it won't export page 8. I can't figure it out. I keep trying different things, but I'm really not seeing much of a pattern in what works and what doesn't.
  16. I'm trying to place page 1 of the attached document. Thank you! DB5510A12.afpub
  17. Hello, I am trying to place one Affinity Publisher file into a different file, and only part of it places (it cuts off the other part). I've tried resizing the canvas, but that doesn't seem to help. Is there something I'm missing or a way to fix this? Thank you in advance!
  18. Weird. I used the table tool and no letters or numbers showed up. But I tried again today and it's working now. So I guess my question is now irrelevant. Thank you for your time!
  19. Thanks @Old Bruce, I really appreciate the feedback. The attached image is what I see when I select rows and right click. There is no letter or number there. (There used to be, but I figured they took that away in an update. Did they?) Any thoughts? Thank you!
  20. Hello, I am trying to edit an existing table in Affinity Publisher, and I would like to remove both rows and columns. If there is an easy way to do that, I seem to be missing it. Thank you!
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