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  1. So I have installed all my Affinity products on my desktop and my laptop. Recently I have sold my laptop because I will buy a newer one. My question is can I remove/archive a certain device from "Registered apps & devices" section in my Affinity account?
  2. Yes I am aware of the adjustments panel because that is how I select my presets currently 😅 but it would be quicker if they had a drop down menu next to the add button.
  3. I completely agree with you... stealing is not fine... just as unfair pricing for non-professional end users that do not make any money using the software is not. If the price is reasonable I have no problems buying and supporting it. That's why I switched to Affinity. Paying 438,96 € a year for PDF editing/viewing tool is just out of the picture for me and probably for most people that do not make money with it. That's where Affinity could come in and probably take a huge part of Adobe Acrobat market share. But I do agree with you... as I said stealing is not fine and knowing that I'm a future to-be software developer it would definitely hurt the business, that's why I like to buy all the software that I regularly use/plan to use. Here is my recent Affinity order for example: I did not mean to break any rules so I truly am sorry for that 😅
  4. I think the next big step for Affinity should be a PDF editor/viewer that has all or more features than Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Since Adobe has a monthly subscription for all features unlocked Affinity would probably become the largest competitor for professional .pdf viewer/editor software since it could also link Publisher, Designer and Photo directly to it [MOD EDIT, Removed]
  5. So Affinity Photo has a "Add Preset" button on their "Adjustments". For example this is the "Black & White adjustment": I think it would be awesome and helpful if there was a drop down menu next to the "Add preset" with already saved presets. So it would look something like this:
  6. So I bought some brushes, textures and assets. I have noticed that I have to import these things in each software separately(Design, Photo and Publisher). It would be nice if Affinity had shared assets. So that when I import brushes for example they would be imported in all three software instead of only in that specific one.
  7. For me I solved my problems by deleting all the files in the "Settings" folder and then starting the software again. %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Settings <--all files in this folder delete you could also try to delete file by file until the issue is fixed so that you do not loose all the settings ! WARNING ! Doing this will clear all the app settings so you will have to set them again so make sure you copy the "Settings" folder as a backup! This issue happened when I was playing around in "Performance" settings with RAM usage. I do not know why but the sliders of "RAM Usage Limit" as the slider is in the centre but my systems MAX ram is selected. Above you can see that the slider is in the centre but it says "32768 MB". That is my total RAM in the system. If this goes over my total system RAM the software crashes. I have set this amount to "16000 MB" which is an overkill for my use case. I hope this helped and solved the problems 😁
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