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  1. The GRID uses too much GPU for nothing. Is more fine to create a grid with rectangles that to use the GRID option.
  2. Found that after i post, but thanks for response. But that makes the entire document without transforms. I want to use the relative coordinates to artboard. If the artboard is at position (20, 20) to not add the transform to artboard. I don't need this: <g id="Artboard1" transform="matrix(1.83333,0,0,2.75,-22,0)"> An option for that was nice. PS: I think my title is not good for what i want.
  3. When i export a SVG from artboard the path is starts from 12 and not from 0, and adds the matrix with -12. Why is not starts from 0? Is annoying.
  4. 1. The window is flickering and appears other options and the window is changing the size fast and i don't like that. 2. Why is the name of the window 'Export Settings' ? Is not that. Is 'Export File As'. Tested only in Designer.
  5. I know is from GRID but i have lag in 1.7 with 131% zoom. In 400% is impossible to draw. But why uses so much only to draw a perfect pixel ? In 1.6.5 i have lag only after 400% zoom. In 1.7 all time. And when the Zoom will be with Pixels without decimals ? I say this in other request because the Grid Lines is misalignment with the Transparent background pattern. Sad
  6. I have the integrated video card from Intel. Intel HD Graphics 4600, is not compared to a dedicated video card. But that GRID use +55% more GPU when paint... And in the 1.7 is impossible to paint with it ON. In 1.6.5 is still very smooth if is with 95% GPU. I make a custom grid with Rectangles and the Performance is the same like Without GRID. I think the original GRID is redrawing every time you PAINT, scrolling. Not only when you use ZOOM. Why is that difference with GRID ON and the custom GRID with rectangles, really i don't know. No impact to GPU at all.
  7. I try the latest beta and my Intel HD Graphics is 100% with Grids ON. Preset: 1920px - 1080px Zoom: 73.2% Without GRID: In Maximum total CPU 40% and (GPU 55%) In Maximum total CPU 45% and (GPU 56%) With GRID: In Maximum total: CPU 55% and GPU 96% In Maximum total: CPU 27% and GPU 100% - Bottleneck Mo much difference in both without GRID. Now i don't have a dedicated video card but why the Grid in 1.7 is making me Bottleneck and lag ?
  8. AndRo Marian

    GPU, disappointed

    Yea. Is uses more GPU not less, for the same task.
  9. You are read my post ? I read your post and i think you don't understand what i say. I don't need to be rounded. If you say is for display only. I want to see if the value has decimals not to rounded from 0.95 to 1 if i have 1 decimal in User UI. How i change the value to 1 if i don't know that value has more that 1 decimal ? How i see there is correct but is not.
  10. In the editor the values are without decimals. In SVG is with. Without Force Pixel Alignment the Pen node position is not correct in editor i think.
  11. I like to see the precision from boxes in the SVG export. And with one decimal the values like 0.95 is rounded to 1. I like to see 0.9 or something like that. 1 is a fake value. Is don't tell me that value has decimals. If i set 6 decimals in editor the SVG have the same 3 decimals.
  12. Not resolve the problem. But why the SVG not respect the values in the boxes? If i have 0 decimals i expected the SVG to have 0 decimals like in the boxes.
  13. The correct position and dimension of selected objects and the wrong position and dimension after the objects was merge.
  14. Same here. On No merge: X 478, Y 0, W 565, H 396 With merge: X 477.2, Y -0.5, W 565.8, H 396.5 Occurs only for Merge Selected, Merge Down. For Merge Visible works good but some pixels color is not the same. A little bit the color was changed. If use the Merge Visible, the layers will not removed. How should works: Merge action shouldn't affect the layers position on the page. No change the pixels color.
  15. Found some topics from 2015 but is 2019 for this suggestion but is not implemented yet. But why? This topic works good if this Suggestion will be implemented too.
  16. Please rename the 'Auto Distribute' from Arrange into 'Align Space'. Remove the checkbox. Let me use the input box for Align to Left, Right, Top, Bottom. If i put space 20 and click the button for 'Align Left, Right, Top, or Bottom' use this to add a space between object and page margins or other object margins.
  17. How i can add space to Align ? Like if i want to Align to Left but with a 8px space.
  18. AndRo Marian

    Align Space

    Thanks for help but is not really what i want.
  19. This is the 18x18 image to see better. But Yes. The bold lines (I make it red to see better) need to be in center (9x9) but is 10x10. I don't think i can align them correctly.
  20. The grid lines position is not correct how i see.
  21. AndRo Marian

    Align Space

    Any object. Like a padding for Align. The Width is 128, Space 32: Align to right: 96 I can go to Transform to calculate -32 but i ask if is another option to save the space to not calculate every time.
  22. 1. When i draw with the Pen in Designer its creating a SubLayer automaticaly. 2. When i create a new layer its added to root above to selected layer. I want to create the layer above to selected layer. Ex: Background -> Bubbles -> Red, Layer selected: Square. I want to create the layers above to Square not to root or a SubLayer if is with Pen.
  23. Really need this. Not only for slices but with entire document.
  24. I don't know if this was reported but when i zoom in or change scroll position i see a little imperfections.