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  1. I am having difficulty finding the option to choose a range of pages to print. in the print options dialog my only under "Range and Scale" my options are Entire Document Odd Pages Even Pages Current Page I do not see the option to select a range of pages (ie. Pages 11-14) or possibly to print the selected pages. Am I missing something or is this not an option offered by publisher? EDIT: NEVERMIND I found the option under "Entire Document" entering pages will print only those pages. This topic can be deleted.
  2. Definitely want this to happen. Posted the same request in 2018 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/72671-creating-shapes-by-entering-dimensions-designer/&tab=comments#comment-377982
  3. Yeah Garrett, it absolutely is pulling the low res icon. affinity.help Whats strange is both the forum and affinity.help have a hand full of link tags referencing multiple different sizes of touch-icon the affinity.serif.com has a single line that it is pulling from. <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon.png"> I'm not sure if removing all of the specified sizes and just referring to the largest icon available would do the trick but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try.
  4. There is a problem with the forum apple-touch-icon. It doesn't render when the forums are saved to an iPhone or iPad home screen, it also doesn't show up on the Safari Start page on iOS,iPadOS or macOS. Not sure the cause of the issue but the header code for the Main affinity.serif.com site and the Affinity online help site do not have this same issue. just for the forum.affinity.com subdomain. I have tested this on Many devices running older and current versions of iOS and MacOS. Nothing. Not a big deal but it is a small annoyance.
  5. +1 to this. The ability to re-order layer effects is critical. The rest of the suggestions would be welcome.
  6. I agree. Definitely an improvement. Would be great if they made the context icons match!
  7. The icons displayed in the context tool bar for the Node tool are inconsistent with the icons displayed in the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. I'm not sure if this is intended. I have included a screenshot for reference. Most of them are similar enough apart from the "Join Curves" icons. Overall I like the Touch Bar icons much better and think they more clearly illustrate what each action does. (Affinity Designer 1.8.4, macOS 10.15.6)
  8. Having the extra operation of mousing to the transform panel and clicking inside of a width field inside the transform panel adds quite a bit IMO. Single clicking and typing exactly where you clicked without having to look anywhere at all is dead simple and intuitive. (AI) Click-Type, Click-Type (Designer) Click-Drag-Mouse-Click-Type,Mouse-Click-Drag-Mouse-Click-Type Especially with tools such as the star or polygon being able to single click and enter your radius and number of sides exactly in place is much quicker for the way i work. My focus is typically on the cursor, so being able to single click and type without mousing over and having to click inside an input box than return the mouse to the canvas to click again is quite a bit slower in practice for myself. Currently single clicking with a shape tool just deselects items on the canvas. So I don't see why adding this to Designer would be anything but helpful.
  9. If this doesn't currently exist, could a mod move this topic to the feature request section?
  10. When working in illustrator, if you have a shape tool selected, single clicking on the canvas brings up a dialog wherein you can enter the parameters of the shape you would like to create (i.e. Height x Width, Number of points, Radius ect.) Is there a way to create shapes by exact dimension in Affinity Designer? the only way i have figured out so far is to draw a shape of arbitrary size and modify it in the transform panel. This is quite a cumborsome workflow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. WANT! Using a MacBook, Shift+F5 is actually FN+SHIFT+F5 which is a bit of finger yoga. Also adds a step dealing with the fill popup. A quick ⌘+DELETE would be much appreciated.
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