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  1. m.vlad

    Selection issues

    Yes this needs to be fixed, Shift click selection is broken as well
  2. While you do make some good points, this is ultimately a thread about a bug that hasn't been fixed for 5-6 years. We're past the point of recommending workarounds, especially when we're talking a main feature of a design app. And dw, you're not the only one looking for workarounds, and that'd be fine, if this wasn't a a thread on the official affinity forums in a bug reporting section for a bug that's been present for 5-6 years. This isn't some fan-made forum/subreddit. This is a place where we report bugs and issues, and saying "well I know to look for workarounds" isn't helpful at all (neither is frustration, but to be honest i'd rather have neither). I hope the devs will fix this issue soon or at least in 1.8. Also, I wouldn't call "broken stroke expand" an unpolished corner. Constraints are an unpolished corner, because they're a side feature that's nice to have but not necessary for core vector workflows. Stroke expansion (boolean operations in general since they're the crux of the matter) is not an unpolished corner, it's a core tool that should be working out of the box. It should be treated with the utmost priority. This isn't a week or two after it's been found out, it's been half a decade.
  3. I'd argue that a better analogy is going to a bakery that advertises its cakes as having the best chocolate, then after buying one you find out its expired chocolate. As a customer we don't invest in the company, not financially. We invest in a product that is advertised to work a certain way. How is it the responsibility of the customer to be patient when the seller didn't complete their end of the bargain?
  4. Probably 3rd party tool to rasterize the pdf (if you only need it for displaying purposes) or something that converts the embedded fonts to outlines.
  5. Alternatively you can press G to open the gradient tool and drag it around and rotate
  6. Interesting thought, perhaps this could be moved to a regular top right corner notification that affinity already uses? EIther way, you have to keep in mind the update cycle of stable affinity when considering these notifications. If you're thinking about the beta version, sure, it gets updated frequently so a top level notification starts to become annoying (it should still be kept at the top since every new beta update makes the previous one outdated when it comes to reporting bugs). But as for stable, it barely gets updates every few months or so, so I think that kind of time difference requires a top level notification, as a kind of announcement.
  7. m.vlad

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    I personally love the new icons. The old one looked quite dated and hinted towards skeuromorphism, which isn't as popular now as it was 10 years ago. I welcome the icon change, though it'd be nice to have the corners rounded ever so slightly
  8. So from your previous description I understand the constraints group acts as a physical container, thus needing a physical size. The issue I've mentioned is that if you group objects with effects that go outside of their alpha and then change that group to a constraints group, the effects get cropped. Would it not be possible to either have the conversion of the group take into consideration the effects size too?
  9. Yeah I sadly just try to not mess with it. Thing is this happened with other elements too (the green button you seen in the screenshot) and i have to unsync, scale, and resync and it's just a mess until this gets fixed. Thanks for logging it, hope this gets a fix soon
  10. Not do anything or treat the artboard as the constraint group. I don't expect it to change a layer into a group. Also slightly unrelated, but constraints group cropping into the elements works fine for the most part, but they also crop the layer effects like drop shadow. Meaning one has to add the effect to the entire constraints group if at all.
  11. Again, I mentioned this in the initial post It sounds to me like a simple addition that shouldn't be too hard to implement and would provide an intuitive way of exporting batches without having to disable and enable slices (especially in documents with a lot of slices)
  12. My initial feature request refers to a selection of multiple slices, not just one slice.
  13. That's a bit more advanced than what I was asking for. Look at this. With one slice selected, Export Slices (when you don't take into consideration the number next to it) sounds like it'd export the selected slices only. Would it not be possible to have the button take into consideration the selection and only if none are selected should it export all?
  14. I apologise if there already is a way to do this, but exporting only a select set of slices (without having to mess with the ticked boxes in the Slices panel) sounds like a great QOL addition to me. (Also if I post too much stuff and you'd rather I post more rarely and bundle issues/requests together even when they're not related I can do that)
  15. m.vlad

    Ultra Power tools add ons

    Have you tried Selection Refinement? It seems to cover this exact type of usage.

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