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  1. I have a gradient that I really want to change the position of, but I would rather have its angles precisely copied rather than guessed by eye.
  2. Oof that's not that great, why doesn't it accept svgs?
  3. that sucks, any other recommendations? Opening 1k files one by one is definitely not feasible.
  4. That might take a while. I'll see if i can drag them all into a new open document and then drag into the panel
  5. I've just found a nice icon pack however the asset panel can only import "afassets" files? That doesn't really make sense, why not svg? That sounds like something that should be in, is that setting somewhere else?
  6. I've accidentally turned on font replacement to replace Roboto fonts with inter UI but now there isn't a way to disable it. When opening font manager it just shows Inter UI and OK. How do I cancel this rule? It happens automatically on every pdf that has that font and even when opening the actual pdf in affinity it replaces them and the font manager window shows nothing. Even if I enable the font ia Fontbase and affinity recognizes the font is installed, it still replaces the font on drag and drop of the pdf.
  7. I'm going to give my two cents here, even though I may just be repeating stuff other people have said. I think that Serif should capitalize on the linux market as soon as they can before Adobe releases anything, for maximum profit. Otherwise, the moment adobe releases their apps to Linux (and they will, at some point, linux has been growing relentlessly at a higher pace than windows, even though it might still be behind in some aspects) Serif is already going to be 2nd place, again. If it's the cost then you could unofficially support linux by making it compatible with Wine (atm the installer itself needs some windows libraries and even following this tutorial: you still can't create/edit documents). Since it's linux we're talking about we don't necessarily need a readily-available .deb or what-not to use affinity on our linux machines, just the compatibility that even Adobe doesn't have atm (their most recent version that works on linux is CS5 I think). Looking at this from a "replace some proprietary libraries" standpoint might lower the cost considerably compared to rewriting the app from the ground up to work on linux. I personally sure hope Serif will consider porting Affinity to linux in the near future, as this is the only reason I have not fully switched to linux. Edit: In terms of deployment and payment, Elementary OS' app store has some rudimentary payment system, so you could try that.
  8. I apologize, i thought this was an app-wide issue.
  9. Thanks but as I've said before, I can't have it erasing everything underneath it as there is the bite part underneath. Of course for the finished product I'm going to bake it in and actually cut the vectors, but for the sake of a correct preview this should be fixed within groups/layers.
  10. As you can see in the image above, I have this group of circles that's cutting into the green layer, however since I want it to only erase within the green layer and not underneath it too I have it contained within it, however this produces this weird outline of the source object that looks like a visual glitch when rendering, however it shouldn't be present at all if it's due to antialiasing since the circles completely cover that part.
  11. The thing is I do most artboards by duplicating a previous artboard (alt+drag) so I'm not using the Create Artboard button.
  12. Are you serious? What kind of arguments are those. Everyone here knows the specific functionality we desire. We want warp (or at least free transform, which everyone who's worked in the industry knows how it works) and bugs fixed (like the expand stroke bug that makes strokes completely useless if you need them expanded). "Think bigger. Forget Illustrator." Yeah, i will, once I can get some basic functionality in Designer. Everything you're mentioning there is issues with illustrator's implementation, and while that may be a fair point, I'll take a "rather dated and limited bounding box-based warp behaviour" over nothing any day of the week.