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  1. You don't get it, affinity photo already has the bugs attached to it. The Affinity suite has the same core code, and it's that code that's bugging out (working on the artboards, making new documents). I have barely used affinity photo myself and i'm also an affinity designer user mainly but consider this: if hypothetically no one here has an account before now, and they use their vote for this only, we only need 130 more people to vote (AP has 18 votes at the time of this comment). If we split the votes up it's more than double that to get both to 407 and even more if we also have publisher people vote for that app separately. For this purpose of porting the suite, one app should cover most bases as they share a large chunk of their code. That's why I said earlier to keep the votes contained in one app, not because I'm a Photo user.
  2. you have a limited amount of votes, instead of spreading them throughout the suite let's keep the votes contained in the same app, the one that Redsandro linked. The issue is most likely the same across the board but it'll take us longer to get there if we spread out the votes
  3. Guys, Affinity would be able to say its the only design app that works on Mars.
  4. The shape tool has a limited look when it needs to be rounded off, the shape on the right is made with the built in shape tool, but the Inner Radius is limited to 71% here, and I can't make it more rounded off. With some manual tweaking I've made the one on the left (sharp corners, used the Corner rounding tool and manually added handles to the points to be able to taper at the edges in a curved way instead of having a rounded inside corner that goes to straight lines, which looks off) I've attached an .afdesign file star.afdesign
  5. Tbh i didn't even see there's a vote thing there, also you need to register there as well, so we're now at 3-5 barriers of entry to gauge interest? We've got people who use the forums, who've seen this thread, and now who've been to the wineHQ page for affinity photo in particular, are registered and voted for the program?
  6. Uhm, sure, but they need to get this app working with a multitude of apps. Wanting them to make the first contact is a bit presumptuous. They don't get anything from this, since wine is a free project, whereas you have everything to win. https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=39311&sAllBugs
  7. I know you're being very generous with the numbers, but only counting the number of people who a) use the affinity forums and b) have participated in this thread (most reddit users are lurkers, as a point of reference.) is a bit skewed. Not only that, but it's possible more people would consider linux as a switchable OS if it had this software on it. Also, people here aren't asking for new apps built from the ground up, they want the current apps to work, either via a native port or by working with Wine and getting the issues that make it not work ironed out. This is a way smaller endeavour than a re-write of 3 apps, especially since in the marketing materials I remember serif boasting about how all apps use the same *platformless* base. It's not word for word what I remember reading, but surely modifying that base is all that's needed, right? At worst you could switch the efficient calls that have no WINE parity to less efficient ones for the port, until they get added to WINE.
  8. Adobe does however also have a much larger portfolio of apps and if they port one they would probably need to port their entire portfolios to make it more enticing. Considering adobe is already the market standard it's easy for me to see how they've grown content with their position and don't do anything too crazy except add features here and there that are up to date with the newest tech. Also the fact that adobe apps kind of work on linux means that, unless there's a real competitor on linux, adobe most likely feels like they win linux by default by having the apps kind of work on linux and there not being any strong competitor on there. If I was at serif I wouldn't totally ignore this potential future avenue now, because it'll create a lot of animosity later. And who knows, maybe they'll work on a port soon, maybe they won't, but completely ignoring an avenue like this when you need every user you can get would put them in a bad standing, PR speaking. As they've said before, this is not a democracy, serif is a company and they have to make decisions that make sense for them. For you and me it might make sense, like duh, its an empty market with a growing userbase due to the increase in mindfulness over privacy and data usage of Windows and the closed ecosystem of apple devices. Also making a linux compatible base would be better now than later, when they have a larger portfolio, but we don't know their financial standing, their developers' workloads, etc. There is a lot of stuff that goes behind the scenes at a company that can affect decisions like porting to a different platform, and Serif has shown that they're not ones to take risks. Unfortunately, I think when linux is big enough for them to consider it worth it adobe will throw a huge wad of cash at their developers and release a port of their suite before adobe, and then affinity will still be the alternative, instead of *the* primary choice for a lot of users, requiring them to convince adobe users to switch on the linux side as well, when they could release something now and have people think the opposite: "Do I want to try out adobe now when this is working perfectly for me and it's blazing fast?".
  9. have you tried FontBase? It's supposed to help you manage large font libraries by only enabling fonts when you need them
  10. +1 to revisit this. It's an important part of a potential adobe-affinity workflow and it would make mixing in affinity and adobe in teams easier (I for one have to use photoshop for a web design project at the moment, and i find myself hating the UI/UX, however if I could just use affinity and export a viable psd from that, I could just give that to the team and be done with it)
  11. It already is. This suggestion is to add it to the new screen so the welcome screen stays relevant after the first month of usage and isn't just disabled outright (plus if it's disabled you have to go to the File tab and then under recents to open the recent files, and there's no thumbnails. Sounds like this would be a major improvement)
  12. I think you mean "make a linux version". a "linux distro" refers to a linux distribution, and it's the ubuntu's and arch's of the world. they don't need to make a separate distro, just make the app compatible with ubuntu or something and people can repackage it then to work for different distros
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