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  1. Thanks that actually clarifies quite a bit! True, but an xmp can be approximated. It would also mean smaller file sizes. That sounds very confusing, it should just work like an artboard crop ootb. But what if you develop the image, go back to the main persona, then reopen it? I'll test a bit later, I couldn't see a split view option earlier but it's been a while since I've used afphoto. I am aware it's not a raw file, maybe my message wasn't clear enough, I meant to say the raw layer is not clearly labeled as such in some way (no, the tiny icon to the side is not enough), you just have to know that this one layer, when selected, allows you to (re)develop it. There was no need for the rest of the paragraph. For one, I am already aware of the features the app has, as I've watched their "what's new" video series - the only part I found confusing was no.1, and only because it's not too clear by itself what those mean. Secondly, I already addressed how my complaints go further than "no DAM bad". So far the raw editing is slightly better than camera raw, but still only works when the intention is to do a few small tweaks before actually doing photo manipulation and the like, instead of being a fully fledged raw editor with the option to take that further. It is no photo editor replacer for me, at least not in its current state, though I'm optimistic it could be at one point in its V2 lifecycle.
  2. Considering everyone else is speaking english, and this is primarily an english forum, it should be on them to translate their comment, even badly, to the rest of the audience. I'm saying that as a bilingual and non-english native. Anyway, with that out of the way, after using the apps a bit, while I do appreciate the splash of colour, the old icons had a much much clearer silhouette compared to the new ones, where we have fancy gradients, strokes, and overall an uneven visual language, with some icons being overly complicated (the transparency tool icon in AFDesigner, shape builder tool, zoom tool, and artboard tool among others) and some being reduced to a stroke (all the shape icons, which went from clearly standing out filled shapes to outlines with a slightly darkening fill). While the old ones didn't pop as much, they were much more even. Also for the general flat design direction - while it feels more "modern", input contrast is severely impaired, with buttons and other inputs standing out quite a bit less than before, though this could easily be fixed with tweaking some UI colours (looking mainly at the top bar, the paragraph tab is a good example of how increasing the contrast can make things stand out without the need of the skeuomorphic outline).
  3. I think an eye icon would be best, clear indication that it's to do with visibility, clear distinction between a closed eye and an open eye if something is visible or hidden. The round blob is too abstract
  4. First of all, thanks for these updates, excited to try out the tools! I do have some issues that I've found after an hour of trying to use this as an alternative to other photo editors that I'd hope to see addressed: 1. A way to save raw edits as XMP instead of requiring the saving of an .afphoto file, the idea of closing down in an ecosystem, particularly with the lack of a DAM, doesn't sound appealing. It sounds like that's kind of what the Embedded and Linked options do, however the Linked option did not actually add any files to my system (I kept watch on any files with the same file name as the photo), so I'm unsure what the difference between the two is. 2. Global presets for RAW edits, instead of one per page. It's a bit confusing as is. Also a way to edit existing presets and save it as such, instead of deleting a preset, remaking it from scratch and saving that. Also this is likely a bug, but when opening a new raw file to edit, the settings are set to Default, but the "selected" preset is the last used one, requiring switching to Default and back to the saved preset to actually change things, sometimes even doing it multiple times, the feature seems quite buggy. Also, ideally a Preset Manager would also be present, to be able to see exactly what each preset does, and potentially tweak from there. 3. Non-destructive cropping is a must. Honestly just something similar to the artboards, so if you crop an image you can adjust the crop later. I could just open the file in ADesigner, but that's an extra step that could be avoided. 3.1. Keep a strict ratio for cropping, but allow to rotate the crop based on mouse position when dragging the crop selection around (see how cropping operates in other apps like Lightroom and Capture One). 4. Split view of photo without edits, or just being able to toggle the raw edits on and off for preview purposes. 5. It's not clear enough that a photo is a RAW file, a button similar to the FX one would work wonders and make it much clearer what it does. 6. There's something about the Overlays panel that feels incomplete, I think it should be closer in look and feel to the Layers panel but then again, how is this better than just duplicating the layer, making the adjustments in that raw layer, and applying a mask to that? Even more powerful then because you can use images and the like. I might add more to the list once I spend more time on this, but so far I'm somewhat disappointed. Non destructive raw editing was a highlight of the announcement, so I thought it's finally a good standalone photo editor. It is clear however that the app development is still walking in the shadow of CameraRaw and while there have been some improvements and additions that are much welcome, I'm sad to say that I'll likely be sticking with Capture One, despite my wishes for that to not be the case, not because of the lack of a DAM (just making that clear), but because of the lack of a good, non destructive, open photo editing flow.
  5. i'm just saying it can be improved through iteration, the current psd export affinity has is somewhat broken, as text gets rasterized, yet it was still good enough to get into production.
  6. To be honest, even a slightly broken export feature would be better than none at all. Forcing people to move their entire production to a specific software is not ideal, especially when your app is new in the industry. You cannot expect people to just drop open industry standards in favor of closed source formats from a younger app, especially when there's no reason to have it locked to that format in the first place.
  7. Their points were refuted again and again, you can have a civil discussion without having to agree on something. If they don't provide anything productive to the conversation and only serve to annoy people for having different opinions, then they can speak in their echo chamber. Bringing up different viewpoints and opinions is all good if it is in good faith. People have previously brought up that they don't want affinity to divert resources to support a different OS when they could instead work faster on updates and features for the current OS lineup. That is a valid reason, it goes against the topic in a way, but it is a valid opinion, and we have in turn reacted with suggesting looking into the compatibility issues with WINE instead of a full blown port. This is how a mature conversation goes, not ad hominem attacks and repeating one's point until the other side is too bored to repeat so you decide you've "won".
  8. the issue is that question was already addressed repeatedly, you might've missed a few pages. I'm not wasting more time looking for the quotes however, you can look for them yourself.
  9. I had to double check to make sure I wasn't quoting the wrong thing. This is made up of either false assumptions or things that aren't necessarily better on Windows and it was addressed before (quoted below). Please don't bring up your points again unless you add something of substance to them. You're supposed to bring proof when correcting someone, unless it's something that's so blatantly false that it's common sense for it to be that way. I think the only source you've mentioned here is the desktop usage stats, which you haven't even linked to, but since everyone knows about those everyone can infer which one you're talking about Can't find an exact quote for this, but considering your consistent posting and lack of understanding and open mind to solutions (I seriously had to go through 10 pages of comments to bring up the replies that refuted a point you brought up before. Either learn from it or stop posting) I am inclined to say that if I had to quote something to refute this, it would be the last 10 pages of your comments that show an attitude of superiority, ignorance and most of all stubborness of being in the right, even if you're retreading the same ground (repeated questions of either your own posts or other people who've already asked the same questions) or making statements that are common sense (the bit about the linux app library being smaller, because surprise, it's less used so there's less people making apps statistically speaking).
  10. the bugs on the affinity photo are where there's more substance to what needs to be fixed for Affinity (and other apps) to work: Bug 45868 - Multiple .NET 4.x applications crash due to shell32.SHGetStockIconInfo lacking support for SHGSI_ICON flag (Windower 5 beta/FF XI tool, Affinity Designer 1.x) Bug 45277 - Multiple applications need Vulkan child window rendering (DxO PhotoLab, Affinity Photo, Google Earth Pro, Autodesk Fusion 360)
  11. It's a shame we can't just pin things in this thread in a way, because that's what's been said for pages now, yet people still ask for solutions and options and release channels. I mentioned Steam because it's a pre-existing solution that's already embedded into the linux scene.
  12. You could put it up on Steam, that would solve the paid platform problem, offer analytics support and work on most platforms due to steam handling libraries itself. ...also "we"? What would you be recouping as a user?
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