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  1. The thing is I do most artboards by duplicating a previous artboard (alt+drag) so I'm not using the Create Artboard button.
  2. Are you serious? What kind of arguments are those. Everyone here knows the specific functionality we desire. We want warp (or at least free transform, which everyone who's worked in the industry knows how it works) and bugs fixed (like the expand stroke bug that makes strokes completely useless if you need them expanded). "Think bigger. Forget Illustrator." Yeah, i will, once I can get some basic functionality in Designer. Everything you're mentioning there is issues with illustrator's implementation, and while that may be a fair point, I'll take a "rather dated and limited bounding box-based warp behaviour" over nothing any day of the week.
  3. Could you describe what looks awful about it?
  4. I would say we don't expect them to deliberately withhold from fixing these issues, however there is a consensus that Designer is more or less forgotten, at least the desktop version. Yes we have the 1.7 update in the beta stream but that's been in works for a few months. If it were me I would postpone everything that relates to new features for a while and just fix what's already there so we don't get a Jack of all Trades, master of none software.
  5. Wrong. This is also an issue with bigger strokes, just not visible at eye level, it is otherwise still there. How do I know? Here: 1. Make a filled circle (no stroke). Any size. 2. Duplicate it and flip it from fill to stroke (so it has no fill but it has a stroke), set it to be on the inside and set it to any width as long as it doesn't cover the whole circle. 3. Expand the stroke of the stroke circle. Nothing wrong with it right? 4. Select both circles, have the stroke circle on top of the fill circle and select minus front. Switch to node tool and behold all the points that are on the edge of the big previous circle and on the inside where the stroke expanded so chaotically it created tons of points/nodes. This is unacceptable and I find this behaviour disappointing. I always feel a bit ashamed when I recommend affinity to other people and I have to tell them that such a basic function is broken.
  6. File > Print. So there might be an issue with my install then? I will clean reinstall and re-check.
  7. When I try to open the print dialog Publisher just hangs. It's not always an issue, so I can not reproduce it, even if I have a large file and then make it small again. I have attached such a document. guidelines print test.afpub
  8. I have this master: If I make a spread based on it and either edit the text I have there or hide it and put text on top of it outside the master, the changes propagate back to the master (Even if I just hide that layer, it hides it in the master as well) Is there an option for this? Because if not I'll have to have masters with just the colours.
  9. That sets it for everything though, and that's inconvenient when working with vectors and trying to place points on top of one another after scaling or anything like that.
  10. When you want to export an artboard and its position is at, let's say 1542.2 px, that counts as a whole pixel. This is annoying when you want to have a series of designs that are a set size (for example 1000x1000) but because you have the artboards slightly off-grid they're exported as 1001x1000 or something similar.
  11. Not sure if this is a problem with affinity designer itself or just the beta, but quite often it is the case that, to snap my object to another object's edges, I have to select it once and select my object again for Affinity to "remember" that object is viable for snapping.
  12. That is impossible unless they use a different file extension for the beta files
  13. There's your problem, it should be 330.98 MB