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  1. I think you mean "make a linux version". a "linux distro" refers to a linux distribution, and it's the ubuntu's and arch's of the world. they don't need to make a separate distro, just make the app compatible with ubuntu or something and people can repackage it then to work for different distros
  2. depends on the definition of working, but the OP of this topic did get it to a state where they could create a new document and work on it. Doesn't mean it's in a fully working state, but it's still in a state where you might be able to test pressure sensitivity.
  3. That is also true. the browser render is the colour accurate one.
  4. then i put that in the proper forum i guess. I've been mainly using the beta stuff because i got used to not getting any new features in stable while the beta builds were 90% stable, but since they've started pushing more updates to stable i'll consider switching over.
  5. nice. i actually just ended up adding another shape between them and merging them via boolean ops.
  6. Just selected the two red nodes on the left or right and pressed Join Curve. The vector is from a svg i exported from https://designs.ai/graphicmaker/illustration/243-public-transport-bicycle that i had to pass through inkscape for affinity to be able to open it (it gave a file type not compatible error before).
  7. I have attached the .afdesign file. When merging the two left nodes (quick edit: it happens with the right most ones too, just lower on the leg): you get the leg in the "after" artboard that has been deformed and has nodes in areas outside the vector region. YqPk6dxHdL.mp4 weird join glitch.afdesign
  8. I've got this svg file I saved from https://designs.ai/graphicmaker/illustration/243-public-transport-bicycle (I attached my saved file) that, when I try to open it in Affinity I'll get a "The file type not supported" error, even though it shows up fine when loaded in a browser. I've used the png option to export from said website instead but now having the svg option would really help in a larger scale usage. Can someone look into this? bike illustration.svg
  9. No one would take a WINE app over a native app, but affinity won't make the app nor do they seem open to ironing out the wine incompatibilities, so the logical solution is to ask the other side, WINE, to do it. Also you're just reiterating the same points that have been raised in the past pages. Have a read through the thread before repeating points. For starters, Serif has said they are against kickstarters, so by extension they are against sponsorships.
  10. Where are you getting your stats from? Do they also include servers that use linux and android phones? https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share This website states that in the last month the total user base on linux is 0.78% That is incredibly small. I'm not against you, but focusing on the user base count is a poor choice when discussing this in my opinion, since the ratio of creative user per capita is most probably higher on linux than on windows anyway, unsure about mac since macs are still the industry standard in design studios.
  11. A couple of options: A) The most realistic approach, wait for Wine or D9VK to implement the API functions that are needed to run Affinity on linux (Afaik we're pretty close, as the app can be opened, though the making of new documents and the like is still quite finicky) B) The least realistic approach, ask Serif to use alternate APIs that are already compatible either directly or via a compatibility layer on linux.
  12. I think that's more helpful to the dev guys to find out what the issue is, but thanks I've continued development on carl's file. put back the grids and some global colours and it works fine, no idea what broke before. hopefully the Serif guys will find out.
  13. That opens and saves fine, what did you do?
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