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  1. Grayhem

    Data merge

    Our office team will be moving to APublisher - when it has data merge Until then will have to stick with what we have. Hoping soon it will be given attention : )
  2. Grayhem

    Data merge

    Is it the case like in online petitions that if there are 100,000 signatures then this must be debated in the house of parliament? I sign my name to this petition. +1 for Data merge
  3. Thanks MEB - i see what they are saying.
  4. As a company we have used Pageplus since PagePlus 8 PDF [ many many years.... ] At any one time we may have as many as 10 people using the software, daily. This adds up to a large volume of documents and designs. Thus we have SO many Pageplus files, many which can be left behind, but MANY which we need to remain accessible. Is there any development planned for a file convertor? Is this a possibility in future? I have no understanding of the difficulty of this request, but I know that this would help many faithful and loyal Serif Pageplus users that want to make the transition to Affinity Publisher.
  5. Cannot Install latest beta! - it say installation failed Hmmmm Any help?
  6. Grayhem

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Just a quick thought..... Pageplus and Affinity Designer have an extremely useful 'assets' area. Will Affinity Publisher have a similar feature, for saving your reusable designs and elements?
  7. I think he must mean that there is no way to make a plugin for Affinity yet, but if that became an option [that plugins COULD be made for affinity] he is willing to make one.
  8. A feature that still gives Illustrator a slight edge over AF is the vector 'filters' and 'effects' - things that change the appearance of the vector paths [ which can then be 'expanded' into curves if need be.] For instance there is a simple 'roughen' effect [or filter] that can be applied to the vector shapes in illustrator Another example is the powerful feature of the 'transform' effect. see image Any thoughts?
  9. If my friend bought the paid for MAC version - how many updates would he expect to get for free - would this be from version 1.4.2 until version 2.0..... or when? .... or.... forever?? :)
  10. Thanks - I'll let him know - can he try the beta for MAC? is it open to all?
  11. Hi - Ive been using the new windows beta and I really like it - I showed it to a mac user, who downloaded the demo - however, he could not find the ASSETS panel in the Mac version. Does the MAC version not have this feature?