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  1. This also seems to happen with expanding emojis. This isn't an issue in the other affinity betas.
  2. i'm just saying it can be improved through iteration, the current psd export affinity has is somewhat broken, as text gets rasterized, yet it was still good enough to get into production.
  3. To be honest, even a slightly broken export feature would be better than none at all. Forcing people to move their entire production to a specific software is not ideal, especially when your app is new in the industry. You cannot expect people to just drop open industry standards in favor of closed source formats from a younger app, especially when there's no reason to have it locked to that format in the first place.
  4. Hello, I've noticed a consistent behaviour where the app freezes when using the scroll wheel to scroll through the slices in the export persona. Using the scrollbar shows no problems. This happens no matter what state hardware acceleration is in. This has been happening for a few versions now. To replicate, create/open a document with enough artboards/slices to overflow the panel so that you need to scroll through it. 6JJYSimrbB.mp4
  5. So I have the following pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X93xwzcKEjJUkoPh51UCQLOCUVvA7hIR/view?usp=sharing When exported from the latest beta, the first page and a couple parts of the following pages end up getting rasterized. Opening the document in the latest release however and exporting with the same settings yields a proper pdf with non-rasterized images. Here is how an export from the stable build (the one without a dash) looks like side by side with one from the beta build (the one with a dash). The beta build only has 1 Image layer for the entire page. I hope this can be fixed. narsil - readme.pdfnarsil readme.pdf Here are the pdfs as well, for comparison:
  6. Their points were refuted again and again, you can have a civil discussion without having to agree on something. If they don't provide anything productive to the conversation and only serve to annoy people for having different opinions, then they can speak in their echo chamber. Bringing up different viewpoints and opinions is all good if it is in good faith. People have previously brought up that they don't want affinity to divert resources to support a different OS when they could instead work faster on updates and features for the current OS lineup. That is a valid reason, it goes against the topic in a way, but it is a valid opinion, and we have in turn reacted with suggesting looking into the compatibility issues with WINE instead of a full blown port. This is how a mature conversation goes, not ad hominem attacks and repeating one's point until the other side is too bored to repeat so you decide you've "won".
  7. the issue is that question was already addressed repeatedly, you might've missed a few pages. I'm not wasting more time looking for the quotes however, you can look for them yourself.
  8. I had to double check to make sure I wasn't quoting the wrong thing. This is made up of either false assumptions or things that aren't necessarily better on Windows and it was addressed before (quoted below). Please don't bring up your points again unless you add something of substance to them. You're supposed to bring proof when correcting someone, unless it's something that's so blatantly false that it's common sense for it to be that way. I think the only source you've mentioned here is the desktop usage stats, which you haven't even linked to, but since everyone knows about those everyone can infer which one you're talking about Can't find an exact quote for this, but considering your consistent posting and lack of understanding and open mind to solutions (I seriously had to go through 10 pages of comments to bring up the replies that refuted a point you brought up before. Either learn from it or stop posting) I am inclined to say that if I had to quote something to refute this, it would be the last 10 pages of your comments that show an attitude of superiority, ignorance and most of all stubborness of being in the right, even if you're retreading the same ground (repeated questions of either your own posts or other people who've already asked the same questions) or making statements that are common sense (the bit about the linux app library being smaller, because surprise, it's less used so there's less people making apps statistically speaking).
  9. the bugs on the affinity photo are where there's more substance to what needs to be fixed for Affinity (and other apps) to work: Bug 45868 - Multiple .NET 4.x applications crash due to shell32.SHGetStockIconInfo lacking support for SHGSI_ICON flag (Windower 5 beta/FF XI tool, Affinity Designer 1.x) Bug 45277 - Multiple applications need Vulkan child window rendering (DxO PhotoLab, Affinity Photo, Google Earth Pro, Autodesk Fusion 360)
  10. It's a shame we can't just pin things in this thread in a way, because that's what's been said for pages now, yet people still ask for solutions and options and release channels. I mentioned Steam because it's a pre-existing solution that's already embedded into the linux scene.
  11. You could put it up on Steam, that would solve the paid platform problem, offer analytics support and work on most platforms due to steam handling libraries itself. ...also "we"? What would you be recouping as a user?
  12. So you agree that what you're saying is linux lacks professional apps and that its userbase is insignificant because there's few professional apps on it, therefore adding more apps to its portfolio should, in theory, based on your argument, increase its userbase. I will remind you that we're here arguing for a port or a version that works through WINE of a design app that would fill in the gap of graphic design work on linux. Sure making a point about how big the linux on desktop is could help the argument, but that can always be refuted with "but it's just 3% anyway", which is what I feel is happening here when you're moving the goalpost. There's tens of vocal people who say they'd switch to linux if affinity or adobe worked well on linux, that's just in this forum. There's probably hundreds of people who would do it but aren't vocal about it. This is definitely a viable market considering Serif just has to work with the people who work on WINE and make themselves available so that Affinity works on linux. This isn't a monumental task, and the benefit would outweight the cost (specifically in the case of making it work with WINE/CodeWeavers, I'm not talking about fully porting the app to linux).
  13. You're arguing that a desktop that has less than 5% overall usage has less apps like it's a revolutionary fact. "Linux desktop really lacks very little" was about niches solved by apps, not about how big a number is. What Linux lacks most (excluding professional graphic design software) is competition and variety within its niche apps, not thousands of proprietary apps. To get a functioning workstation going you're not gonna install all the apps available, you're gonna install one-two apps for whatever you need them for: browsers, archive managers, professional software, office software, etc. Therefore I think your argument ignores this and makes it about how underdeveloped an overall underutilized OS is, which isn't relevant, graphic designers aren't a majority of the windows or mac os users, and the app portfolio of these two operating systems is not primarily filled with distinct design tools for the amount of them to matter.
  14. I think it would be productive to bring some arguments before you hit us with your conclusion. You need sources when you make a strong claim like that. Where is the 1% from?
  15. Making the graphic design sector be fully viable on linux is very different from "the year of linux" thing. Affinity is definitely not the last gear to making linux boom and multiply its userbase by 10x. We're just talking about the people who need a graphic design software, be it VFX artists, graphic designers who want to switch to linux or smaller businesses who'd rather get Affinity on a free OS rather than pay for adobe on windows. We're talking about very different goals here.
  16. The vocal part of a group will always be the minority. There will always be people that think of the same issue but don't actually go and voice it. Hence the entire reason people have been asking for some sort of kickstarter so that people can put their money where their mouth is. a kickstarter would also be easily shareable and could be covered by youtube channels and blogs so it gets to the people who aren't vocal. We don't know why adobe isn't porting their apps. I could equally say "their portfolio is too large and their current profit margin is good enough for them" or "they don't benefit from a core code because all of their apps are built different", or even "They're ok with the current WINE portability of their apps" but that's all hearsay. All we actually know is that they said they won't do it. Self fulfilling prophecy. You're saying a proprietary app should not be released on linux because there aren't "enough" proprietary apps. Even if there were similar pages for windows and macos, i'm not sure you would use even a quarter of the ones on their list, so are you just looking for a ton of apps for no reason? Well just run an android emulator on it, you'll get access to tons of bloat! anyway I don't see why this matters. Why does quantity matter in this argument? Just looking at the fact that the big VFX companies use linux, or that blackmagic is still selling their apps on linux, considering they're in the same visual industry, is a stronger argument than linking a list of proprietary apps. Also such a list doesn't factor in apps that work via electron (such as figma, a UI design solution) which are proprietary but not "released" on linux. And how did you arrive to this conclusion when all you've been saying is conjecture and dismissing what the others are saying?
  17. The better platform doesn't always win when competing with giants like Microsoft and Apple. They have licensing deals in place and paid promotion to the extent where alternatives cannot compete. But it did get a good office suite, and it's one of the reasons why linux is a valid alternative for productivity reasons to the others. It's also how chromebooks can be actually usable machines when all they are is a linux based OS with a browser, deep google integration and access to the google office suite alternative. Linux is a competent competitor in all fields except graphic design. 1. You know linux is also a GUI operating system right? I'm not even sure what you mean by this terminology - all operating systems have the back end, which is just code, and the front end - the GUI. All operating systems use this combination, there's no other way to do it. Linux can just be used without the later. That doesn't mean that people don't use GUIs however, and considering lately with Steam's proton opening a lot of people up to the option of using a linux OS as their main OS distros have been getting more popular. 2. I doubt big companies give two shits about the cost of windows licenses. It is most likely the performance benefit that lets them output stuff faster that is the deciding factor, not licenses. 3. That's just because the windows tools (can't speak for MacOS as I've only used it for a couple of hours) aren't good enough. it's more of a failure of windows than a success of linux. How does the previous statement negate this argument? You're arguing this will happen ad infinitum on the basis of it happening before, but chromebook's existence and popularity is proof enough that people didn't need MS Office specifically and they can do just fine with alternatives so they switched to a chromebook. Arguably every OS will have "ugly code". If you think something in the kernel code is truly bad you're free to suggest an improvement. Try doing that with Microsoft or Apple when you do find an issue. The statement was "of the OS available", not the best OS that will ever be. It's very much getting there. Distros like Deepin and Elementary OS are designed with the thought you'll be using their app store instead of running terminal commands (though you can do that just fine as well). Even Pop OS, one of the more popular distros at the moment, especially for gaming folk, has forked the Elementary OS app store. Also I'm not sure why grandmas are into graphic design, but go get them grandma!
  18. Constraints are a web design feature however - or at the very least a responsive design one. Also, html/css export would be useful for feature parity with figma, another layout tool They're not made to deliver a final html product, but it could be a starting block.
  19. For a publishing app that most likely needs the entire creative flow to use the same app at the moment, I would say interoperability between the two platforms is definitely the biggest flaw with Publisher at the moment.
  20. I am surprised this hasn't been fixed yet. There is no room for working together with people using adobe if there is no common format that we can talk through. PDF is not a good enough alternative, as text gets split into text lines.
  21. you could just have stuff using proprietary features that aren't part of the format be packaged, kind of like smart layers, and if you want to edit it you can either have your app approximate the results or rasterize it. So you have a standard carriage format with maybe 80% standardized features and 20% flavours from each software (For example, warping text in illustrator and saving in this format would mean in affinity you can either expand the warped text or rasterize it, since affinity doesn't support vector warp)
  22. Does it preserve text lines? Last time I tried it as an in-between, the text lines were split into different layers. Anyway I think this is going a bit off topic. Also it doesn't work if someone is asking for psd files specifically.
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