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  1. Not yet I wish we would get an update soon. A free update.
  2. Thanks that's unfortunate. But at least it can be done that way.
  3. I have 7 slices all different sizes is there a way to resize them all at once before exporting as jpgs? Thanks PS as of now I have to use the slice tool and reset positions to 0 and dimensions to what I want it is a slow process and a bit tedious.
  4. uncle808us

    opacity keyboard shortcuts?

    Just corrected my post sorry, and Thanks.
  5. uncle808us

    opacity keyboard shortcuts?

    Found it by using numbers. Thanks
  6. OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 Affinity Photo 1.6.7. In Clip Studio there is the ability to collapse the side menu windows. Layers etc Brushes what ever. Is there a way to do this in Affinity. In Clip Studio Paint it closes after selecting what you need brush, layer etc and then click paint on the screen area. then it opens the menu again when you click on your choice giving you a lot of extra screen area. Nice! Can Affinity do something like this? Thanks MenuC.mp4
  7. Yes I'm aware of this but I want a brush not a curve if you are doing waves in cartoon water you end up with maybe a hundred or more curves.
  8. 1.How can I get a pen brush to be tapered on both ends. This is a pen from ArtRage. In the attached gif. 2. How can I get pen pressure to change the size of the brush? Light pressure thin line heavier pressure thicker line. Thanks.
  9. The escape key on my MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 does not clear the selection as it used to. Why? I changed nothing only updated. If It works for you please do not post saying it works for me that is not helping.
  10. Thank you both for the info My ignorance has been enlightened. Thank you Scungio for the video. I will sell my kidney and get MOHO. (not).
  11. Do you have the latest version of MOHO (Anime Studio)?
  12. So there is no weld in Affinity correct. Bummer. I wonder why Anime Studio can do welding? Too bad you can't export .svg from anime studio.
  13. Affinity PHOTO How can I weld these points from different curves together? Joining curves is not doing it. I use Anime Studio as well and welding points is done so easily. But not so in Affinity. Thanks I am using Photo.