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  1. Do you developers ever listen. Give us a light mode please, or get someone who can code to do it for you. We ask and you ignore us.
  2. OP here, I don’t mind all knowledge is good knowledge. Unless it’s something you don’t want to hear.🤪
  3. That worked perfectly (I’m on my iPad now.)thanks again.
  4. Ok I thank you very much. for the information and your time.
  5. So you are saying that the line layer has become a reference layer and the color (pixel) layer beneath it will stay within the lines of the line layer when you fill with the fill tool. So you end up with a color layer and separate line layer. Can you then remove the multiply from the line layer so you are left with a line layer and a color layer. I can not check this right now because I am not on my iPad I appreciate you answering and thank you for your time.
  6. I use Clip Studio Paint sometimes and to color my line art I put the line art on one layer and set that layer to reference layer the add a layer underneath . ‘now it fills in the color layer with the fill tool but inside the line reference layer thus keeping the line and color layers separate. is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo on IOS 14+? thank you
  7. First This is an Mac Affinity Photo question not a vector stroke line using pressure setting. Is there any way to make a brush that will taper at both ends automatically? What I am hoping for is a brush that after I draw a line it automatically tapers both ends. I see this kind of brush in other software. I know this could be achieved with my tablet and size by pressure but that is not what I'm looking for. Thank you for all help.
  8. Thank you firstdefence you beat me to it. That is the brush in Fire Alpaca.
  9. Using Affinity Photo on a Mac. I realize you can paint a white stroke then use FX outline to outline the paint stroke. but what I am looking for is an outline brush like the "Line Brush" in Fire Alpaca. as you paint, the brush has a chosen color inside color and a chosen color as an out line. EX: red brush with Black outline. Is there a way to make this kind of brush? Or find one somewhere? I have searched to no avail. This is one reason I like Fire Alpaca. paint software. but lacks so many things I use in Affinity Photo. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any helpful suggestions.
  10. @PaulEC: Thanks for the information and joining the thread all knowledge is welcome.
  11. OK Thanks guys using R C-R's tip about winding worked if I choose both nodes at once I can adjust the toe curve with the boot curve. I still wish there was a way to add a branch to the original curve. Thanks anyone using Affinity Photo the winding setting is only available in Affinity Designer as far as I can tell. Again Many Thanks to Pšenda, R C-R and Garry P.
  12. I don't understand is this something you do before merging curves? I am using Affinity Photo and use layer menu> geometry> merge curves. Thank you I appreciate your time and the enlightenment.
  13. Not working. see result image plus if you move the nodes they do not move together. Thanks
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