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  1. I seem to recall that initially shift-return in AD did not produce a soft return (line break), that there were requests to fix this, that it was fixed for a while—but the fix seems to have disappeared from the current version! Text > Insert Character > Line Break does indeed work, but when you use that the drop-down indicates that shift-return is a shortcut—ditto if you look at Preferences>Draw>Text listing—it just doesn't work, even after, in the Preferences list, I deleted and re-entred the shortcut. What did work for me was to (again using the Preferences>Draw>Text listing) change the shortcut to shift-option-return.
  2. I want to reinforce the need for paragraph styles in Designer that can be saved and applied. I believe I understand correctly that this will be part of Publisher, but creating a page with a number of text blocks is extremely repetitious without this feature. Text styles created and saved in a Designer document should of course be picked up by Publisher when opened there. (Now, maybe I've just missed something...?) Thanks.