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  1. Is there any way to “lock” an iPad brush configuration? E.g., after working to get an “HB pencil” pixel brush set up (size, flow, etc all adjusted so that tilt, pressure and so on respond to my liking) l’d like it to stay that way. The problem is that, as handy as the on–drawing context tools are for making some adjustments on the fly, those adjustments get transferred to—i.e., replace—the original configuration I’d worked to set up. Ideally, any brush adjustments made via the on–the–drawing context menu at the bottom of the screen would be temporary (unless intentionally saved) so we could always restore our original “HB” etc. settings via the brush menu. This a beautiful program, not diminished by the inevitable nits.
  2. I seem to recall that initially shift-return in AD did not produce a soft return (line break), that there were requests to fix this, that it was fixed for a while—but the fix seems to have disappeared from the current version! Text > Insert Character > Line Break does indeed work, but when you use that the drop-down indicates that shift-return is a shortcut—ditto if you look at Preferences>Draw>Text listing—it just doesn't work, even after, in the Preferences list, I deleted and re-entred the shortcut. What did work for me was to (again using the Preferences>Draw>Text listing) change the shortcut to shift-option-return.
  3. I want to reinforce the need for paragraph styles in Designer that can be saved and applied. I believe I understand correctly that this will be part of Publisher, but creating a page with a number of text blocks is extremely repetitious without this feature. Text styles created and saved in a Designer document should of course be picked up by Publisher when opened there. (Now, maybe I've just missed something...?) Thanks.
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