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  1. Is there a Blend like Tool in Affinity Designer?
  2. Back when I used Linux I would use Inkscape as my main vector editor. I still use it sometimes but it's just not as smooth and easy on a Mac (needs more mac optimization) hence why I went away from it. For image editing on Linux GIMP is wonderful but the downside is it doesn't support non-destructive editing. The only free image editor that has that capability that I've found is Photopea .
  3. In GIMP there's a Flip tool which makes it very fast and easy to flip a layer vertically or horizontally. I'm not seeing that in Affinity Photo aside from going to Arrange/Flip Horizontally/Vertically. I know I can do it with the Move tool by pressing Command, but I was wondering is there a tool that does this in Affinity Photo that I'm not seeing or is it just in the Arrange menu? (NOTE: Flip not Scale or Perspective Transform)
  4. App Webpage: http://michaelsboost.github.io/Cartoon-Avatar-Creator Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webdgap.cartoonavatarcreator Source Code: https://github.com/michaelsboost/Cartoon-Avatar-Creator Screenshot: Some character features were designed in Gravit Designer and some in Affinity Designer. The app is no longer under development, however, I always accept constructive criticism and wanna know what people like, dislike, etc: If you like this app you may like my Flat-Design-Character-Maker which is also available for Android as well. (Also contains more assets than this app)
  5. In the app Gravit Designer if you create path with a border with a width of like 8px you can right click that layer and select "vectorize border" and it creates a "Filled" color of that vectored path rather than a border. My question is how can I achieve that with Affinity Designer? EDIT: lmao nvm I figured it out. Layer/Expand Stroke (Leaving this up incase someone else has the same problem and can find the solution right away)
  6. This was my first photo manipulation in Affinity Photo. This art has a simple meaning, "Circumstances don't define you, you define your circumstances.". Stocks: Woman: pixabay.com/en/selfie-girl-wom… Background: pixabay.com/en/buildings-disas… selfie.afphoto
  7. One of my first creations with Affinity Photo. #stillearning Stocks: (from left to right) www.pexels.com/photo/man-s-bla…www.pexels.com/photo/photograp…pixabay.com/en/caribbean-man-g…pixabay.com/en/guitar-beautifu…
  8. Thank's everyone huge help. I'm still getting used to Affinity's way of doing things.
  9. In GIMP if I wanted to remove the white background on the attached image there's an easy way to do it by going to Colors/Color to Alpha. I know if the background is white I can go to Filters/Colors/Erase White Paper but that only works if the color is white which is fine for my image but what about if it is Cyan? My question is how can I do this Color to Alpha thing in Affinity Photo?
  10. Haha I feel dumb now lol. You want to click on the icon that looks like a crosshair it's tooltip should say "Show Rotation Center". Then you can drag that control point wherever you want to adjust the rotation handle
  11. Is there a way in Affinity Designer to set Rotation Anchor Points? So instead of rotating in the center to rotate at a different control point like bottom right, etc: Here's an example of what I'm talking about....
  12. idk what it is about art forums but most of the time you see a title of the image "describing" the content but usually you can only see it if you click that title. Being an art forum I believe it should be more engaging towards the art community rather than a bunch of text but harmonizing the best of both worlds in an appealing visual manner. For example "Tutorials", "Show Your Work", and "Resources" are all good examples of sections which would be easier to navigate if there was a preview image showing the content. Which saves people hours and hours of time via research. deviantART does a very good job at utilizing this technique (it may not be a forum but a perfect example of what I'm addressing). Another minor suggestion I suggest is have some of the "Show Your Work" images viewable similar to how Blender Artists have shown their art. It keeps the site a little more interesting and helps inspire other designers to improve their work more while getting their art viewed easier than reading "face rig" or something like that. Not necessarily a rant but a big annoyance I have with most art forums which is why I tend to avoid them. It'd be nice to see these improvements added to Affinity's forum.
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