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  1. Spohr_Photography

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    If you have bought the app through the Apple App Store previously, you should get your updates through the App Store as well. The updates are free. If you had an existing app with Serif, ie Affinity Photo and you bought it again, I would suggest to get in contact with Serif to see if you can get a refund or change your license.
  2. Spohr_Photography

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Thank you so much. I guess if I do your first steps instead of the beta contents but with the 1.6.7 content it will work the same?
  3. Spohr_Photography

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Hi, is there a way to update to 1.7 without loosing my user configurations such as brushes, macros, keyboard shortcuts, etc.?
  4. Spohr_Photography


    It was not a thought to be as criticism on your post. I'm just looking positive forward to see what they come up with. At present, there is nothing out there which satisfies my needs, especially with AP file format.
  5. Spohr_Photography


    2020 is not too bad. There might be a public beta sometime next year. I know the have first spoken about in 2015, but since then they have released some awesome apps...
  6. Spohr_Photography


    And what is that magical number if I may ask? I’m looking forward to a DAM from Serif as well...
  7. Spohr_Photography

    Lightroom Replacement ?

    Hi, I've heard Affinity is looking into a Lightroom equivalent in the 'near' future. I am really looking forward to see what you guys come up with. I enjoy your Photos program and need to replace my Lightroom application. One suggestion if you look into it, please do not use a catalogued system as this adds an extra, in my opinion not needed level of complexity. Also if the catalogue gets corrupted, lost, etc you have to start from scratch again. Do you guys have a timeframe in mind for a DAM development?