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  1. *Eats worms*... much thanks for that! Mark
  2. It would be really useful if Affinity could provide a rich and high quality sample Publisher file for download with which to practice, please and thankyou.
  3. Please could you have Affinity photo 1.7's help return results on the words "Banding" and "Spatter" - to help people identify tools to address unwanted colour banding? Not sure if Affinity Photo has the equivalent of a spatter tool, mind so apologies if this is a feature request as well as a request for a tweak to the help. Thanks.
  4. Mark_A

    SVG display issue

    This bites Affinity Designer 1.6.1 too but you'd probably extrapolated that. Hope this helps. Mark
  5. Mark_A

    SVG display issue

    When the attached SVG file - it's a union flag, source here: http://hjnilsson.github.io/country-flags/ - is opened or placed in Affinity 1.6.7 or the beta , three of the red diagonal elements are invisible. The W3C validator https://validator.w3.org/check is happy with the SVG and it displays elsewhere correctly so this may be Affinity Photo (or it may be me). Mark gb.svg
  6. Thanks everyone. Indeed, 1.6.7 - and I've just tried the beta and in that, rotating the placed image, exporting the file etc works fine so this bug is gone. Mark
  7. For some reason when this is exported the result doesn't match the graphic as displayed in Affinity - something's gone wrong with the rotated flag image. There were a number of other steps to produce the graphic before it broke and I've removed things like a fill layer behind, another image layer, and a mask and blur live filter layer over the 'Flag'... (Apologies in advance if it's something daft I've done with it...) Mark twitter banner flag fault reduced.afphoto
  8. Thanks all. Launching with 'Ctrl', and then the first three ticked has resolved this. Mark
  9. So... on a mac... press the tab key and the right hand side panel no longer disappears. Various other UI does disappear but then when the tab key is pressed again, doesn't come back. There's a way to reset this, yes?
  10. Ah! thanks for this. The four channels above it, with control-clicks, behave in a different way and had led me astray. I was then control-clicking on the adjustment alpha channel's icon and that's inert. I needed to click to the right of the icon. Mark
  11. Create an adjustment or live filter layer, and it has an alpha channel - used to selectively modify the adjustment. Looking in the channels panel, the alpha channel is listed and has a thumbnail rendering of itself. Is there a way to promote that alpha channel to a mask that can then be duplicated and applied to other layers? Thanks Mark
  12. Mark_A

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.6.7

    A perlin noise filter that is able to randomise what it generates each time - is that something for the future? Thanks for the update though. Mark
  13. Hi, Affinity people - where are we with this suggestion, please? Mark
  14. When making further adjustments to a live filter layer using 'Blend ranges', is it possible to toggle on and off the contribution to the filter from changes made using the 'Blend ranges' dialogue?