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  1. Dave Quail

    Ruler/Measure Tool

    I use 1/. the Rectangle Tool (U) to drag out a measurement, shown just above the cursor before you lift your finger off the mouse button. 2/. The Node Tool (P), which also displays the the measurement before you lift off the mouse button. At this stage there is no direct equivalent to the Ruler Tool (I) on the Eyedropper Tool (I) in PS.
  2. Dave Quail

    Program hangs when saving

    I am on version, and cannot repeat this problem. Tried various scenarios, but it still works.
  3. I can confirm this anomaly.
  4. Dave Quail

    Beta update?

    Yes, Beta 331 is released. A huge list of fixes, etc. Thanks Mark!
  5. Dave Quail

    Quick mask plus mask = boom

    Confirmed crash
  6. If you drag and drop to the tab bar, and release, it will open a separate image
  7. It works fine for me. Can't reproduce your problem.
  8. I have repeated your steps on my Windows 10 Versio 1903 OS Build 18362.53 64-bit PC. Clipboard Manager is on, and Sync automatically is on. Clipboard History is also on. No crash. I copied and pasted CTRL>C and CTRL>V without a problem. Try as I might, I cannot repeat your problem.
  9. Dave Quail

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    I can confirm this size increase on a .jpg file I tested here. Changed the shade of 1 pixel and the file increased from 395KB to 2985KB
  10. It works if you select a colour in the colour palette first, or do CTRL-X to bring the default black background to the foreground.
  11. Agreed, i can confirm this as well
  12. Dave Quail

    Error in Changing Macro Category Name

    Issue confirmed
  13. Dave Quail

    Crop tool

    Works as it is supposed to for me
  14. Dave Quail

    Crash when using QuickMask

    Confirmed crash
  15. I have the same problem here