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  1. On the latest release Windows Store version it take 12 secs on a 24Mp CR2 Canon Raw on my secondary PC (i3, 8Gb RAM)
  2. Well is the new released version. IMHO a worthy release!
  3. Beta 104 installed without problems, and IMHO loads quicker than 103 and prior. (Might be my imagination, but to me it is quicker)
  4. I can report no issues here with my 6D MkII, 1Dx, and older 5D. Must be another reason as Mark says, Windows, AV possibly, etc.?
  5. Everything in order so far
  6. I notice now that AP beta displays "Loading Fonts" on startup. Is it loading the full set of Windows fonts, and would the number of fonts being loaded affect AP startup times?
  7. This usually points to a bad/corrupted download. As Mark says, download it again.
  8. Apologies, my earlier remark on the Live Perspective Filter Layer was incorrect. It is in fact still causing AP to crash out.
  9. Agree with AlainP...Live Perspective Filter not crashing anymore. Installation went well. Startup in my case still very quick. Well done!
  10. Hi all, just some feedback on the start up issue. It is solved. With really nothing else to go on, I removed by the Monitor and Display Adapter in Device Manager, let Windows 10 rediscover the Monitor, and installed the Display Adapter drivers (AMD/ATi) from scratch. Photo Beta now opens in 7-9 secs from a cold start, and 5 secs from a warm start, so back to normal. Befor the monitor and Display adapter re-installation, a warm start was around 45 secs!
  11. Also confirning this issue...
  12. Thanks Mark, Will be testing tonight!
  13. Hi Paul, I only run it on demand...
  14. I will continue to test various scenarios and report back with any positive results
  15. Thanks. So that is the Clarksdale CPU, originally released 2010. Mine is i7 2630QM, released 2011. This thus confuses the issue