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  1. Agreed. Users may not try to enter a numeric value. The slider needs to be recalibrated.
  2. I must admit I was pretty confused with these options, but have them working now. Agree that Opacity should be included in the L-click options.
  3. Hi JFM, I have tried the same steps as Chris, but cannot reproduce it on 486 Beta. You don't click on any layer at all, just have the mouse pointer over the Adjustment options drop-down menu or away from it?
  4. If you drag and drop to the tab bar, and release, it will open a separate image
  5. This is really necessary. We would like to be able to import a couple of common file formats...
  6. Works fine for me on Designer Released version. Have you tried selecting Stabiliser?
  7. This usually points to a bad/corrupted download. As Mark says, download it again.
  8. Apologies, my earlier remark on the Live Perspective Filter Layer was incorrect. It is in fact still causing AP to crash out.
  9. Agree with AlainP...Live Perspective Filter not crashing anymore. Installation went well. Startup in my case still very quick. Well done!
  10. Isn't the logo copyrighted? In that case he could be forced to stop using it.
  11. There is someone offering "The Affinity Photo Editor" on the Google Play Store (Android). He is also using the official Affinity Photo logo. Rating: 1.4!! He goes by the name "cool hotdog" Anyone know what this is about, as by the reviews it is taking a real beating, and users could associate the logo with Affinity Photo for Mac and Windows? See https://search.app.goo.gl/sY1t
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