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  1. Hi Adam, Is the download going to be done through cdn.affinity in the future? I see the Publisher beta download is still coming from AWS.
  2. I cannot repeat this in Beta 944. What are your export settings, and are you exporting an afphoto or tiff, etc.?
  3. CDN download is very quick. Around 12 secs in my case. Thanks Guys!
  4. CDN download is very quick. Around 12 secs in my case. Thanks Guys!
  5. @Joachim_LI agree, same problem. Didn't know what it was at first until you mentioned the outline.
  6. I am seeing the same behaviour. Apub RC1
  7. I am not seeing the same artifact behaviour on Opening out to 100pt and back retains the circle shape. Am I missing something here?
  8. Thanks, Affinity! This is wonderful way of helping and empathising with your customer base. Well done!
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