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  1. Agreed, I have the same problem
  2. Dave Quail

    [AP] Arrange Adjustment layer > Opposite behavior

    Agreed, same here...
  3. Agreed with Chris B. It works fine for me...
  4. Dave Quail

    Photo 1.7 crashes

    Tried around 10 small images on Win10...no crash
  5. Dave Quail

    Nik Plugins

    Mine seem to be pretty much OK. This is maximized on a 1920x1080 monitor. Used Silver Efex Pro 2 (Prior DxO takeover) for the test. Are your Windows fonts set to standard size?
  6. Same problem for me as well on 209
  7. Dave Quail HSL luminance problem

    I agree with Scott...same happening here
  8. No problems with Nik here either on the latest Beta. Follow Tacua's post above.
  9. Dave Quail

    Conversion to RGB 16b : AP crashed

    Hi Patrick, yes I did use the Clone tool.
  10. Dave Quail

    Cropping : something's wrong

    Agreed. We wait for the next Beta
  11. Dave Quail

    Conversion to RGB 16b : AP crashed

    I have tried to replicate this on a number of files, but AP Beta 188 doesn't crash for me
  12. Dave Quail

    Alternate Futures

    So far so good on Beta 188. I haven't managed to fault it yet. Very useful function, thank you!
  13. Dave Quail

    RAW File open improvments

    Much quicker loading times. On 1.6 a 24Mb CR2 was loading in about 20 secs. On Beta 188 this time has dropped to approx. 12 seconds!
  14. Dave Quail

    Slow develop speed

    Processing speed on my CR2's has definitely increased, and the sliders are much smoother and speedier