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  1. Dave Quail

    Strange behavior in Develop Persona

    Agreed...same problem here
  2. Your Tiff works great on my Beta 258
  3. I also do not have this problem...Beta 251 works as expected.
  4. Agreed. I thought I was doing something wrong...
  5. Dave Quail

    DNG not recognized in beta

    Agreed, I have the same problem. Thanks Chris for bumping this!
  6. Regardless of the solution provided, the software is not working as expected. I agree, it is a fault, (I used a Canon CR2). The solution does work in the interim.
  7. Agreed, I have the same problem
  8. Dave Quail

    [AP] Arrange Adjustment layer > Opposite behavior

    Agreed, same here...
  9. Agreed with Chris B. It works fine for me...
  10. Dave Quail

    Photo 1.7 crashes

    Tried around 10 small images on Win10...no crash
  11. Dave Quail

    Nik Plugins

    Mine seem to be pretty much OK. This is maximized on a 1920x1080 monitor. Used Silver Efex Pro 2 (Prior DxO takeover) for the test. Are your Windows fonts set to standard size?
  12. Same problem for me as well on 209
  13. Dave Quail HSL luminance problem

    I agree with Scott...same happening here