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  1. digital_wampa

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    Cool - inspired by the classic movie poster but definitely your own style.
  2. digital_wampa

    Elizabeth Taylor (Affinity Designer)

    Cool - now imagine if Designer had blend steps it would look photo realistic - if thats what your going for...
  3. That's a cool font - but the best is comic sans LOOOOOL
  4. Hi Affinity Freaks, Just posting some new work. Affinity creators and developers keep up the great work. Its amazing the work I've seen using this family of software!
  5. Halloween around the corner... nice to see all the great stuff made in affinity.
  6. Hey Affinity Forum, Just drawing and having fun with AD.
  7. digital_wampa

    Coffee cup with spoon

    very nice - all vector right?
  8. digital_wampa

    Don Quixote Redo

    Oh man the detail plus retaining that engraving style! Nice stuff!
  9. A little late for Halloween but anyway... Affinity super sweet line tool in 1.6 plus keeping the software so stable. Nice work! Cheers
  10. Getting Close to Halloween so...
  11. digital_wampa

    Big Head Vector AD

  12. digital_wampa

    Big Head Vector AD

    Starting messing around - haven't posted anything in awhile. Forum UI looks great. Cheers
  13. Just working on some characters... Affinity keep rockin' this software! Cheers
  14. digital_wampa

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Thanks! As for a website I'm going e doing that soon... going to put together a few more illustrations. The hollow eye thing is very tready! :) Thx for your comments!

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