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  1. digital_wampa

    Halloween Fun - AD vectors

    Halloween around the corner... nice to see all the great stuff made in affinity.
  2. digital_wampa

    Blob Creature Character AD - vector

    Hey Affinity Forum, Just drawing and having fun with AD.
  3. digital_wampa

    Coffee cup with spoon

    very nice - all vector right?
  4. digital_wampa

    More Shiny Vector Characters AD

    Hey, Haven't posted anything in awhile - its nice to see the Affinity community growing!
  5. digital_wampa

    Don Quixote Redo

    Oh man the detail plus retaining that engraving style! Nice stuff!
  6. digital_wampa

    Want some Candy! AD Vector

    A little late for Halloween but anyway... Affinity super sweet line tool in 1.6 plus keeping the software so stable. Nice work! Cheers
  7. digital_wampa

    Demon Chef - AD vector

    Getting Close to Halloween so...
  8. digital_wampa

    Big Head Vector AD

  9. digital_wampa

    Big Head Vector AD

    Starting messing around - haven't posted anything in awhile. Forum UI looks great. Cheers
  10. Just working on some characters... Affinity keep rockin' this software! Cheers
  11. digital_wampa

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Thanks! As for a website I'm going e doing that soon... going to put together a few more illustrations. The hollow eye thing is very tready! :) Thx for your comments!
  12. digital_wampa

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Playing around with a glossy style - all vector. thx
  13. digital_wampa

    Ice Cream Rave Van

    super awesome - i'd wear that on a t-shirt
  14. digital_wampa

    AD Vectors Slime Creature

    I was going for a scary face! lol thx everyone for your comments