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  1. I'm SO happy that we have proof that they're at least trying to help us out. Though admittedly a little baffled as to why there's only import and no export but my faith has been renewed. I'm sure DXF export is coming soon, and on that day I'm running back to Designer with open arms. They also added smooth canvas rotation, which is something I've wanted for a long time. Today is awesome!
  2. +1. There is SO MUCH that independent developers could do with a plugin API on Designer... the possibilities are breathtaking. It's a win-win - we get the features we've been asking for, the dev team gets some of the load off their backs, some indie developers could even make some money. Why on Earth not? As OP says, look at Blender, look at Figma. Plugins are awesome.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen, but just for the record, I've been waiting for DXF support too.
  4. +1. I'm coming from Figma, and I guess I've been totally spoiled by how good its Image Tracer plugin is - it's saved me literally hours of work. Serif, I'd love to see this!
  5. I would love for this feature to be added - I'm using a laptop riser and a standard Intuos, so the trackpad rotation thing isn't feasible.
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