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  1. This has happened to the last 3 files I created. I save it, then open it in another app, and it imports, but there is nothing there. Just blank space.
  2. Im not sure where in the updates, however , none of my saved dxf files show up any more. They export and open with nothing there. I save them, and have tried opening them with 3 other programs and it shows that I imported the file, but it acts as if its blank with no objects there. None of my other programs have this issue.
  3. I understand 2mg is common and dont have any issue with it. I use WeTransfer, for large files after a customer has paid, etc. I think your missing the point.. I dont want to send the full version of the file. Just to be able to control the export size for mock up purpose at low res.
  4. Mock up Format is typically a flat jpg. I print in house most of the time on a Roland that likes pdf, and eps The final physical size for me (for mock up) is not as important. However, usually, when I export mock ups, they are usually less than 1x1ft. Its more important to files size and quality. Almost all my emails that hot 2 mg, get bounced back. In my other program that Im trying to leave, I set export dpi to 72, then adjust physical size to what ever necessary to get it down to 1.6-1.8 meg. It tells me the export file size. Then export a mock up version of the image.
  5. When in Design, is there a way to export (either within design, or Personas tab) to set either a target export size? I export low resolution versions for proofs and have to keep it small enough for most email providers. I default most projects at 300-400 dpi as I can always lower it later. My projects are from 2ft square to 8ftx16ft so you see how big that is. I try to export 72 dpi and less than 1.8meg for proofs. TIA PS, I do know when you adjust quality when exporting, it shows approx size, however, I understand that it will be at default dpi which needs to be lowered.
  6. Problem is setting up slices that have requirement. For example......I dont see where I can make a slice that is exactly 60.21 inches x 53.05 inches and have it snap to the image edges like I can with a mask inside of the program. I also need an exact 1 inch overlap from the top to the mid section and once again with the bottom. Persona also wants to use pixels which wont work for me as most I do is measured vectors. Even though it prints in pixels, My printer cares only about physical size, not pixels. I need accuracy down to at least .01 of an inch. If this can all be accomplished in persona, point me where.... Could Persona work for me in the future? Possible, but for wide format, its missing many features required.
  7. I have to cut this wide format graphic up and print it in sections to go on a wall. Normally, I cut this up into masked sections in illustrator then export to be sent directly to my printer individually. I was trying to do it with Affinity but even when I tell it selection only, it grabs the whole artboard. Should be only these 3 pieces...
  8. I selected the existing pdf layers that was masked by a rectangle...both.
  9. Im having same issue with I export "Selection Only" as area and a jpeg and I get the whole artboard. Not what I wanted.
  10. I guess your right, its just keyboard warriors here. Its not like any of them have any ability to actually do anything to persuade Serif on being comparable to even a free product. Have a great weekend with your wife.
  11. Technically, they didnt say you couldnt EXPORT as they didn't differentiate import vs export. They purposely used a generic broad term to mislead instead. What would you think is meant by "works with all major file types including jpeg,pdf, svg, psd, png, tiff, gif, AND DWG/DXF" Non ability of export is not working with all other major file types. I feel like the following pic of their add substantiates the argument.
  12. There is really nothing I can not do in Serif, that I cant with Adobe, Vectric Aspire and Sai Flexi/EnRoute. Had Serif been what was advertised, I was going to cancel both my Sai, and Adobe monthly fees. Vectric was $2000 but no monthly fee. Its not a money thing, its more principle. I dont think were asking too much to support a common file type when all of their competitors are compatible with it. Its not like were asking Serif to add AI capabilities like Adobe has now done. I made the mistake of believing their ad...."work with all other major file types"
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