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  1. But that is not normal! It must be a bug. Can someone please move this post to the bug forum instead? dCNg3fIgdD.mp4 This is so bad! Look at the end of the video: I'm even clicking OUTSIDE of the black circle and it still gets selected! Is this how Affinity is "fast"? By cheating this much? It's not even that fast on complicated documents...
  2. What am I missing here? This is 100% unworkable! I must have enabled some option by mistake: All selection, even single clicks, operate only on the bounding boxes of objects, so the circle with no fill gets selected even if you click on objects inside of it. That is madness. How did I make the program go this crazy?
  3. Ok, so I tried a different PDF viewer, and it turns out the fault lies with Foxit MobilePDF... so much for one of the more popular Windows 10 PDF viewers. (Stupid Microsoft for killing their Reader... I'll never get used to viewing PDFs in a browser.)
  4. Desktop.zip Nothing changed, exporting for print. I'm on Windows 10, though, not Mac.
  5. I have made a simple shape straight in Designer on my master, and it exports to PDF fine... except when I choose the color to be H 0 S 0 L 92... then it exports as white, even though it's clearly grey in Publisher. Switching to C 6 M 5 Y 5 K 0 doesn't help. However, if I don't change the color and instead rasterize it, it shows up in the PDF. Anyone else found this bug?
  6. Well, then it doesn't work for me. Frankly, this is just one of a list of a half a dozen or so showstoppers, so I'd just as well wait for future versions to catch up with Illustrator.
  7. Illustrator also has the wonderful feature that the first delete deletes only the lasso selected points, and then the second delete deletes the entire objects:
  8. Thanks, a few comments on that: The discoverability of that option is rather low (you need to read the status bar hints). Affinity Photo has a proper lasso tool... why can't Designer have the same? The fact that you first must select all objects in order to get this working is an extra step. Also, I unfortunately couldn't get it to work, because although it looks as if it selects things, when I hit delete, everything disappears:
  9. This is a showstopper for us. At work, we need to be able to lasso select a number of vertices/points, regardless of which object they belong to, and delete them. This is due to us working with illustrations exported from Solidworks Composer, which produces thousands of often overlapping lines/objects, which need to be manually cleaned up.
  10. Great to hear that this is finally coming. This is just one of the (unfortunately) many showstoppers that prevents us from even considering Affinity where I work.
  11. Several incredibly annoying things which makes me not want to use Affinity Designer on the iPad for work: Designer doesn't remember the fill/color style of the last selected/drawn object for the next object that I draw. Drawing with the sculpt pen doesn't show anything until you let go. Only then do you see what you did draw and can continue drawing/make adjustments. Designer crashed about two minutes after doing this video. This is the second crash in a few hours today with this file (a 4mb file on a 2020 iPad Pro 13 inch). IMG_0224.mp4
  12. Basically, every time I see a kink (and they happen so very often, even with smoothing on), I need to draw at least three to five strokes over the same area in order to smooth it out: IMG_0221.mp4 This is very time consuming.
  13. Done! I also added my current work file, because I wanted to create multiple pattern examples in the same document, but when I duplicated everything three times and began moving the copies around with the shift + arrow buttons, it again took about a second to move everything (I wonder if it has to do with snap?)... Again, tested on different computers (work and home). Hope this will enable you to find some further optimizations in the future!
  14. I hope I'm misunderstanding the intention of Affinity developers, so I wonder if someone ( @MEB ) could take time to explain: Each locked layer contain at least 100 objects. I had to lock these at creation by selecting each and every one of them. I now wish to unlock all of them in order to move them around a bit, and then return to this locked state. In Adobe Illustrator, this is literally 3 clicks. What is the procedure that Affinity expects me to do in this situation?
  15. Ok, now I just don't have any words anymore... (Btw, I couldn't get this working in windowed mode. It only behaves this way when the window is maximized in Windows 10.)
  16. Since it's for work, I can't post it publicly, but it doesn't contain any super sensitive information so if you let me know how to send you the file in private, I can do that.
  17. I just opened a PDF with a few hundred objects and tried to move them into a layer. I hope this isn't considered normal: As you can see, it takes a second for the layer to even highlight where I can drop the objects, and then several seconds to actually move them into the layer. Oh, and this was just a simple line drawing exported from CAD. (Windows 10, i7-6700k, 32gb ram, 1080ti... which is actually a faster computer than the one where I reported slow performance a few posts above)
  18. How do you count the objects in a layer? When I choose properties on a layer, I only see a small popup with name and color...
  19. I also got surprisingly poor performance when I began working on my first "bigger" Affinity Designer document. After a few hundred objects, things suddenly got worse than even Illustrator! Unfortunately, I can't show anything right now since I actually did it at my place of work. Once the project is finished (in a few months), I might be able to share, but I really hope the problems are fixed by then...
  20. I've discovered that a layer can be "active", but from at least the "dark mode" UI that's not clear at all. Even more annoying is that if a different layer is active than where you are selecting objects in, if you move those objects on the artboard, they automatically jump to the active layer, which might be hidden, so your objects suddenly disappear! Is there a way to disable this very weird behavior?
  21. I also went searching for this bug and I'm very surprised at the replies from the staff in this thread. To me as a user, this is utter insanity. If the developers disagree, at least add a toggle in the properties! (Here it seems that the issue actually got logged, though.) EDIT: I see a use case now with multiple art boards in the same document, but that's still crazy pants to me. How often do you edit an artboard vs all the objects inside of it? The ratio is like 1 to 1000 if not more... and you shouldn't be able to edit an artboard lightly, that should only be done through its dedicated tool!
  22. Things I've tried so far: Double clicking in various places on the layer in the layers panel. Right clicking and looking in the context-pop-up menu. Look in the layer or select menu. I hope I'm missing something obvious. I have several hundred objects, and multiple layers. I don't with to scroll around in the layers panel all the time.
  23. Thank you for the reply! That you need to switch to the rounded rectangle tool after a selection in order to adjust the corners wasn't obvious to me, but it worked well.
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