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  1. I was speaking of Photo - but thank you so much for answering me. That clears it up!! Color me embarrassed!!
  2. As title says, I can't find Isometric on view > studio. I am watching a tutorial on the new things in v 1.7. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  3. I purchased Affinity from the App store. I went there to update, it shows no update. When I click on the Affinity icon in my purchases it wants to know if I want to continue my trial. I purchased it in Jan. 2016 and have been using it ever since and updating. Some how I missed the last update. What do I do?
  4. I know some of this stuff is so very basic, but when you've looked and looked and you think you've tried everything... Thank you, you are a scholar and a gentle (man/woman) and I appreciate all the help I get here.
  5. How can I have my tools in a single line (stack) rather than double. You know, stretched out, single file, one on top of the other, etc. I've searched using every term I can think of. Help please if anyone knows.
  6. WOW, that pressing and holding Control is a nifty little thing to know about!!!!! Fixed it absolutely !!!! Thank you soooooooo much. I have been struggling with this for two days. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. I did restart my computer, then went back to app store and I was able to reinstall. BUT, I still have the same problem. Unable to load a photo (doesn't matter what size I choose) and no tool bar on the left. And, when I choose a photo to load, and the info shows up on the upper left side of the workplace, then all the choices are available from things like "Document", "Filters", etc. as if there were a photo there. When there is no photo visible (or you haven't opened one) all those choices are greyed out. And, still no tools.
  8. Had a problem with Affinity Photo. Deleted (pulled from Applications and into trash). Removed from toolbar. Now, how do I reinstall? I went to my purchased items in App Store and there is no way to download it. It is marked as "Installed". Do I have to repurchase?
  9. My OS is 10.9.5. Yes, it is happening with all photos I attempt to open. I realize this file was large, but it was just used to demonstrate. It would be the same with small file. Affinity Photo worked fine until yesterday. Never have had a problem. I will delete Affinity and try to reload. Then I will try bleduc's option.
  10. When I try to load a photo into Affinity Photo (Mac version) all that I get is a description of the photo on the left upper side and all my tools have disappeared. Screenshot: Please help.
  11. I have version 1.4.2 of Affinity Photo. All of the plugins work now,
  12. I tried to use the YouTube tut R C-R posted above and it didn't work, only two of the Nik Filters installed. Then I found this one and it works perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8ReTarrSno After following this tut all the Nik filters installed perfectly!! And they all work!! \0/
  13. Thank you for answering. I looked at Mac System Preferences and I don't know what I'm looking for. On Affinity Preferences I looked but couldn't find anything that might cause the window to be minimized. But, even if that were so, what happened to my tools and studio?
  14. UPDATE #2: Restarted computer so I was able to redownload Affinity Photo. BUT, still with the same problem. No tools and when I click to open a photo, it doesn't open, but at the top it does give the dimensions of the photo and other info as if it was open.
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