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  1. I should probably mention that I do about two thirds of my work "in the field" on a laptop using a trackpad because no desk is available, which makes the multi-click interface for adjusting lines much more difficult than if I was on my PC with a normal mouse and keyboard.
  2. @Sean P Thanks for the update and the information. As @Jowday mentioned this new feature is adding a lot of time to my projects requiring multiple clicks and/or button presses to acomplish the same task I could easily do on the fly in 1.6.
  3. @Jowday Thank you very much for confirming the problem and submitting the bug report. It's nice to have confirmation of the change and hopefully this is just a bug and not an intended change as I initially assumed. :)
  4. firstdefense, unfortunately that doesn't seem to make any difference for me on any of my systems. Peter Petrenko, I don't think that is really relevant to my complaint. My issue is specifically with a change in functionality of the pen tool.
  5. Hey BobDaubs, Thanks for the reply, and that is a bit faster of a workaround than what i was using, but it still requires twice the clicks that it did in 1.6 and the "ctrl-click then click-and-drag" it gets awful fiddly, and using that method I can't adjust curves on the fly as I'm drawing.
  6. @Jowday Sorry, I am unfamiliar with Gravit so I can't compare; but I think you might be right that the "Add new curves to existing curves" is always on when using the pen tool.Thanks, I wasn't sure what was causing the behavior. One interesting thing is that after some more experimentation I found if I close off a shape the start/end point can still be manipulated with the pen tool just in 1.6 - it is only the points in between that have the issue.
  7. I apologize if I was not clear. In 1.6 If I drew the shape I posted above there was no need to switch to the node tool to adjust the curve; all I had to do was click on the point with the pen tool and drag, and then my shape would be curved. It was a simple, quick, and direct method that didn't require switching tools. Now I have to switch to the node tool click on the point I want to adjust, then switch back to the pen tool before I can curve through that point. It takes about 3x as long as it did before and requires a lot more effort to acomplish the same task.
  8. The update and changes to how the pen tool works have rendered it almost completely unusable for me. The way I work is to draw out a shape quickly with the pen tool, as seen in the bird I have attached, and then I use the pen tool on the node to quickly round the shape out. Now, in order to accomplish a task I could do easily with a single brush, I have to click on each and every node I want to use the pen tool on to reshape and the process takes twice as long at minimum. I know there are cool new ways to hold down the mouse button to pre-draw curves but I don't think like that. I can't pre-plan in my head what I need every single curve to look like before I draw it. I really, really need the ability to shape curves on the fly using the pen tool. It is quite literally a situation where I will not be able to do my work because of this change. I hope this is one of those situations where I just didn't click on the right button before drawing or something, but I have been through all the guides and tutorials on 1.7 and see no way to use the pen tool the old way.
  9. squirrelfire

    Cannot Change Table Border Options

    After a system restart the problem seems to have gone away. So, no more issue.
  10. Woo Publisher! Ok, just had to get that out of the way. I'm on Windows 10 and when I try to change the stroke on a table border I cannot select any option other than the All border. I have tried using the drop-down at the top and opening up the table window with the same results. On the Table window when I attempt to click on any other stroke option it briefly flashes blue and then returns to grey, while the All border option remains blue the whole time. I am able to use all the stroke options on the all border, but just cannot select any other border option. Keep up the great work!