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  1. Awesome, thank you. I was hoping there was something simple that I was just passing over, and oddly enough I didn't see that one in the help files. I had read searching through here that there was a way on the ruler, but I just never saw the px hanging out up there. (I'm going to delete my 'zoom' reference, because this is obviously the quicker way.)
  2. Am I just missing it? I'm not talking about a complex measurement tool or anything. More so as in... Draw a rectangle freehand. What are it's dimensions? Also, I realize that the Transform tool will display the size, but is changing the global/document units the only method of changing the units, can they not be changed independently? I searched and found that I can change the units manually, by inputting 'mm', 'in', etc.., but that also changes the size. Is there no drop down to quickly change the units? I'm hoping someone comes and points out something that will make me feel l
  3. Really appreciate it, sir! And honestly, I'm really glad to see it is something that they are addressing. I'm still kind of settling in and figuring out if this is going to be the program that I grab for first. And I totally get little differences, but if this were actually an intended, planned behavior, I would have been seriously scratching my head about it 🤔 . And thank you for the link.
  4. My short question is basically what is the proper way to select multiple items? I'm newer to Designer, so I'm probably missing some simple principles on how things works. My natural thinking would be to just go and Shift+Click things, but I understand that there can be nuances between programs, and so I am trying to figure this particular nuance. I have looked through the help, but I'm not finding the info... Everything is completely ungrouped. I have triple-checked that, and it is verified in the layers panel as best as I an tell. Simply pressing within the white area defaults to
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