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  1. Hey Lee D, thanks for thinking along. I only have a psd Export-file to watch result, that i posted ... that's the problem. πŸ˜… I have overwritten the original file. Right now my favorite explanation is that I used a certain brush in pixel persona. I have installed a few free brushes and experimented with them – but none of the brushes i currently have installed work the way i am looking for. It remains a mystery;)
  2. I am new to affinty design. To learn the program, I started a new project, tried out many techniques and saved interesting intermediate results ... but I tried too much and now I don't know how I created a particular result ... here are some screenshots of the intermediate results (my question only concerns the bitmap structure in the detail jpgs) ... probably quite simple, but I have no idea what to do – i feel a little stupid 😭 πŸ˜… does anyone have any ideas? ... i seem to remember, that i had found a function to convert a gray value into a bitmap structure or hatching - but i might be wrong (even very likely) thx for a tip! Enclosed 2 overview pictures and the respective details I am interested in.
  3. thank you for support and sorry for not answering. i thought nobody answered, because i didn't get a mail, that anybody answeredπŸ˜… ... so problem is still there, but with changing the personas and wild clicking some tools it changes to full function again ... i'm used to work with illustrator, so the the zoom in/out-shortcut seems to be the problem ... i will try out the spacebar, when it happens again.
  4. After starting A.D. every tool work well. But after a while, only the view tool is selectable ... i can select an other tool in the sidebar, but the curser function remains the hand-icon of the view-tool. After restarting its works well, till ... something happens? I dont know ... does anyone have any ideas?
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