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  1. Unfortunately, my Mac cannot find the information folder you need. My Mac was rebooted several times, and also tried various search methods, but it did not give any results, I honestly am completely confused. I reset all program settings, and it helped, the second panel no longer appears. Hooray! Take care of yourself!
  2. Hello! I sent you the files by the link that you wrote, but I'm not sure that I am sending the necessary files, my Mac cannot find the files by the search that you wrote, I did it manually.
  3. Hi, Sean! The second panel appears when working with brushes, after I switch to the pixel drawing mode and then back to the designer. Here's a video Запись_экрана_2020-03-30_в_20_21_46.mov
  4. - Привет! Я нашел ошибку в Affinity Designer в версии 1.8.2 macOS Mojave, есть две панели кистей, я не сделал большое видео, чтобы сделать его понятным. Запись_экрана_2020-03-29_в_14_25_06.mov
  5. - Привет! У меня также иногда возникает эта проблема, цвет заливки на панели исчезает. Сначала я подумал, что это быстрая прокрутка слоев, не успевших загрузить видимость, затем при тихой прокрутке элементы с цветной заливкой стали исчезать. Я использую mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
  6. Good brush! Thank you!
  7. Hello everybody! This copy of the file with an amazing gradient, I downloaded it as soon as he entered. Tatyana. Gradient palette for Affinity Designer.zip
  8. Thank you very much, good palette :)
  9. Hello! For beginners there is a very good tutorials https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/9-tutorials/
  10. Привет, это довольно просто. см. Скриншот Hi, this is pretty simple. cm. screenshot
  11. Hello! If I understood correctly, you need to calculate the length of the letters of the curve. There is a special application for the program Corel Draw, this application we use for milling. For affinity designer does not know the application to calculate the length of the curve. Here is a link where you can download http://lazer-service.ru/files/109-length-vector-article this app. although the site in Russian :) I hope this helps Tatyana.
  12. Hello everybody! I want to share their work done in Affinity Photo is the cover and one sheet of a calendar for 2016. Tatyana.
  13. Thank you very much! :) Tatyana
  14. This is possible as the top ten lock to keep it fixed? Tatyana
  15. That's why I asked the developers it is possible to fix the top of the top ten fonts, it is in CorelDraw used fonts are always on top, even when scrolling is best used in the allocation Illustrator font click the right mouse button in the window have recently used fonts. The Affinity designer and the photo it is not, to see what fonts were used, had to go back up to the beginning of the font list. Tatyana.
  16. It would be very convenient that she stood still, do not move when you scroll to the top. Maybe there are settings that would fix it? In the video shows that it is moving, it is necessary to stop it, to fix. Tatyana. font.mov
  17. Hello! Thank you for the new beta :) I have a question to the developers it is possible to fix the 10 fonts that they do not move and do not disappear when you scroll, and the rest moved to search for text. When used fonts are always on top of it is very convenient when working. And one more question, I asked him earlier in other posts, whether the planned Russian translation? Thanks for the reply, Tatiana.
  18. Thank you very much for the answer :) VIPStephan! You can explain to me in detail where I can change the keyboard shortcuts. On Monday, I need to pass the job with errors will not be nice to pass the work, the customer will think that the designer illiterate :huh: Thank you, Tatiana
  19. Hello! I can not understand, why not put a comma? instead of a comma is activated Split View. Maybe it's a bug? Thanks for the reply, Tatiana.
  20. Hello! The problem of the collapse of the Affinity photos when exporting to PSD, in version 1.3.5 and in When you save the program immediately closed and a very large memory resource consumption, system monitoring shows a red swap. After 2 minutes the computer hangs, then goes out the window with the problem of an error, the attached file error report. Help please, to understand what the problem is. Tatyana.f Без названия.pages.pdf
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