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  1. Many many thanks, Matt. Details, tips & tricks. El ritual de lo habitual. Sometimes there are routines so obvious that we do not are able to see. Maybe some applications are so complex to use that our brains have a very big damage. And we know what applications are we talking about, do we?
  2. OK, I would like to transform several text boxes at once (grouped or not). And why I can not apply a effect (a drop shadow) for example to several text boxes at once? The solution is use artistic text instead of text boxes?
  3. Hi, Matt! Sorry, but I do not understand what point transform tool is. But if I select several boxes of text and I want to increase the size and shape proportionally, I have to rasterize before transforming them. I mean, I can drag a group or several ungrouped vector objects, but I do not know how to scale several blocks or text boxes at once. Only I am able to do that if I vectorize the texts before. In the example image the second one art board is the result of dragging text. No transform, no increased size, the text boxes are displaced. The example 2 is the result of vectorize the text (Could I vectorize text that is grouped? I have to ungroup first) and drag the text converts to vector. As always, thanks to you for all stuff and all staff you bring to us, the mavericks designers all around the globe!!!
  4. OK. Wonderful. A real pleasure check again and again that everytime we, the users, have a question is breathtaking how you answer so kind and fast. In plain spanish: Es increíble el feedback en Serif. Te responden en cuestión de horas. En pocos sitios sucede.
  5. Hi, team! I try to make a PNG dithered with transparency background. Is not available to see in a window 2 or more previsualization of an image with different export options in real time? Thanks for your amazing apps
  6. krollian

    New Icons Too Similar

    Hiya! I like very much the new icons. And after a liile time I discover that the Affinity Designer's icon has a pencil inside. Clever. And the obvious obturator of a camera of the Photo's icon is what everybody sees. And as someone says in this thread for me are a fresh air in the land of the circles. I like Iconfactory design and the icons that the make for great applications like Coda, Transmit and so on. But this icons are a in a very different game. Not skeumorphic or realistic. The icons are an abstraction, a symbol, a sign. They must be a clue of what are they represent. As a sleeve of a book. Or maybe you can create something very crazy like a rock with tubes and pipes or spikes, or a planet, or an "fantastique" animal. But one thing always must to be acomplished. The icons have to have personality. For me the current icons are full of it. If they were a sign or a lighthouse near the shore we could be sure that we will se them even we wolud be far away from them. Think that the dock are a beach full of people, seats, beachballs, surf tables, sand castles and so on. Well, in a dock full of icons I can see it perfectly amonf dozens of icons. Well played, Affinity team. Were you the creator of the icons, Neil Ladkin? Mmmmmm haw haw haw!!!
  7. ¡Ánimo Rafael! Enhorabuena por tus tutoriales. Son muy claros y didácticos. Sigue así. Merece la pena Congrats for your tutorials, Rafael! Very clear and so good to learn. Keep on the good work!!!
  8. krollian

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi! What about this? The famous “resize image panel” to get simple and effective “á la Photoshop”. I think more info about the change will be OK. Info about the original and the calculated result for the new file that will be saved.
  9. krollian

    Resize Frame with Image

    I think is a question of time to have some shortcuts to manage images or have a contextual menu to do this. And a unique window to see frame size and proportion, size and position of the content. We will see a lot of things to get better
  10. krollian

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I hope that the people at affinity will act as always: No copy XPress or InDesign. They will share with us in this forum the best an practical way to do the day by day routines in a publishing application. No doubts about that!!! I do not like some ways to do the publishing stuff in InDesigner.
  11. Several times this topic has been posted, but we have no answer yet. Is a basic thing. Now is confusing for lack of information in the dialog window.
  12. Ok. In FreeHand is not necessary to select the letter of the Text Tool. Thanks :)
  13. Hello I have several text boxes one behind another in a document. In FreeHand I can select a text box that is behind of another and at that moment the element is active so I can edit the text and make changes. It is not possible in Affinity Designer? I can do Option + Clic and select the element behind, but I can not edit the text. When I tried, the box text goes is deselected and the most front box goes active. Selecting the text box via Layers panel comes to similar results. Thanks.
  14. It would be fantastic that an artboard can not occupy the space of another artboard.
  15. I totally agree. There are not enough info en the resize dialog window. Please, aadd more info to see the old and the new resolution and size of the document.