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  1. Variable Fonts is a must by now. I also hope Serif steps up and adds this to their suite.
  2. Hi guys, I'm part of a type design community working with the Glyphs app (https://glyphsapp.com/) or Fontlab (https://www.fontlab.com). This is a huge community and type design is an important part of the design process. There are some real typography rockstars in this space wanting to work with Affinity. We'd love to have a system fonts folder, like Adobe has, to export and test fonts with Affinity apps. Adobe's fonts folder is usually located here: user > library > application support > adobe > fonts This folder allows us to export fonts to this location and prevent Apple font cache issues. Because Adobe directly reads typefaces from this folder there's never an issue and you can export and test fonts unlimited. Whereas if you'd use Apple Fontbook, you'd need to clear font cache all the time, because it's almost impossible to change the same font file a few times in a row without issues. Having a specific folder for the Affinity Suite would help a LOT of type designers out there. I know a lot of people who are switching from Adobe to Affinity, but this is kind of a dealbreaker, because font cache issues are horrible to work with. Would this be possible? @ Type Designers feel free to jump in!
  3. Hi Joachim, I know what you mean, and I've tried this tool as well. So I uninstalled everything and started from scratch. I added the Affinity apps to my Wacom settings and... drumroll... it works. Thanks for your input.
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to AP and I've got a very strange bug / issue that I can't seem to fix. Affinity is not responding on Twitter, so I'll post it here hoping that you can help me out. I've made a screen recording, that I've attached. The issue is that my Text Frames are not resizable! If I create a Text Frame I don't see the 2 dots to resize or scale the Text Frame. If I export my afpub file as a PDF and re-open thát in AP, everything works just fine! You can see this in the attached MP4. It works in AD, so this issue is for me just related to AP. Strangely... Does anybody know what this might be? Has anybody experienced this himself? Hopefully, someone has a tip for me. Thanks in advance, René ★ I'm on MacOS Catelina 10.15.1 running the latest AP install. Affinity Publisher Text Frame Issue.mp4
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