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  1. When selecting an element you should be able to see the color name in the color palette. Of corse depending if it's applied to fill or outline - color platte is showing the active color and it's name.
  2. thadeusz

    Export qualité pdf

    As I wrote before, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you can use higher resolution with your print shop. I just tried with Publisher to replicate your problem and it is all rasterized, but with higher resolution it is no problem to have the same print quality as with vectors. Its just making bigger PDFs. But of course - vectors would be better. Find attached two versions of the same export - one with 300dpi, one with 1200dpi. It's easy to see an improvement. export300dpi.pdf export1200dpi.pdf
  3. Maybe one last idea from me. There was a discussion in forums about a difference, when things get rasterized in Publisher or in Indesign. Are your text/graphic elements still vector based in your PDF? If not, there might be something like a layer effect, which forces rasterization on export.
  4. Hm, sorry, no idea for making PDFs smaller. I guess you didn't export your text as vector curves which would be a reason for big PDFs. With project files I'm mostly fine with it as well, but when having several versions or when sharing with iPad than it's just to easy to have a 400MB file in the way...
  5. Have you had a look at advanced features, like layers, maybe font embedding? It can be also worth it to change color space to RGB on export settings when exporting for web. I also had the feeling of having to big PDFs, but it works for me at the moment. But Affinity file sizes (for project files) are incredible and far to big too!
  6. thadeusz

    PDF Documents Don't Print

    Just tried it and it printed out on my laser printer (Samsung). But the logo was not embeded, so I left it out. Since you have Acrobat maybe you could have a preflight check of your PDF to see, what went wrong? I just did it with the one I created and it says, there are layers. Maybe that could be a problem on your printer as well. Maybe you have to create a PDF version without included layers. Just guessing..
  7. thadeusz

    Export qualité pdf

    I could imagine two places, where you could change the resolution. One is in document setup. There is a resolution to be chosen (normally 300dpi) and then there is export settings - more (button at the bottom) - there is a resolution to be chosen as well. Maybe for testing you crank up these to see if it's getting better. I'd say for printing it should be around 400dpi in original size to look perfect, even it looks not perfect, when you zoom close. There are several threads in Designer forum discussing rasterization of layer effects/rasterization of outlines. It's not perfectly handled, but as long as a print shop is taking and using your higher resolution files, there shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Would be nice to have the possibility to build your own guides or stencils with vector tools - to be used for drawing with vector/pixel brushes. I'm also missing rulers to be positioned freely with my hands when drawing with a pencil (as in other applications).
  9. thadeusz

    step and repeat

    Yes, I know. Thanks to point this out. And of course you can use the transform parameters for having a precise duplication, which makes it usable. But still, looking back at a dedicated panel (like in Indesign), with a preview of duplicated elements, that's much better. But yes, maybe not the most urgent thing to be developed in Publisher...
  10. thadeusz


    +1 Should be added soon! Also there is no "reveal in finder" in ressource manager to find assets manually. Yes, there is a path, but this is awfull slow to work with.
  11. thadeusz

    step and repeat

    +1 You are right. Totally missing this. Of course there are ways of doing repeated duplications, but would prefer an easier way too.
  12. It takes a moment - and maybe a little reading in the user guide - but it's very good implemented, even in styles. Great that you can define by letter, how much a letter is moved over the (left/right) border. Very good!
  13. Wow, perfect! Works for me. Many thanks!
  14. Having a text block and some headlines I found it difficult to have them aligned properly. Is there a hidden adjustment which causes this weird distance? Even worse I could not add a space and reduce kerning as it stopped at a certain point (-280%). So the only chance was adding a distance to my body text. He? It's on the Mac, using DIN fonts. But it's also visible with other font. I'd be happy for any idea or help!
  15. It happens on my computer as well, but to both text frames, which is a bit more logical. You could also check, if there is any distance applied for the paragraph. It's done here without my knowledge, but it's not helping to turn it off.

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