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  1. Not if it's only black without any aliasing. But, as you wrote, it needs to be somewhere around 800dpi, depending on the graphics and use case.
  2. I'm with you with advantages using 1bit. Would love to see it. But of course you can do most of the things with grey scale images too. They are much bigger in file size, but for printing it will be kind of the same result. If you have your pixel stuff in highres and without any aliasing it's basically a bitmap.
  3. It's just another bug in Affinity, but here in forum for whatever reason it's always called a feature... I gave up on this. Thanks for pointing this out. Don't expect this to be changed by Serif, unfortunately.
  4. Haha, I only see ”You've chosen to ignore content by walt.farrell.” every second line. What else can you do?
  5. This looks really great! As far as I can see, it's not supporting Designer files directly, but SVG. But this works quite good as export from Designer. I'm using it to go from Designer to Pixelmator Pro (and from there sometimes directly to Motion as it exports Motion project files).
  6. As much as I share the expressed anger towards serif - and I wrote mainly cynical comments about flaws in Publisher in the last year - why would someone use version 2 for production right now? I mean - you can't go back to V1 with your files. Nevertheless, it's good to test it out and post problems - thank you! I've also bought it, installed it and looked at it. And use V1 for now. Serif will need some time to make it's homework, often too long for my taste. But that's all known. It's like updating MacOS on day of release. Good luck with that! I'm always one year behind and have not many problems in productions. Good luck with Adobe by the way, with this behavior. But I just read about problems, never have them really. So it's only 2nd hand knowledge . I'd really recommend to hold back with updates during and for productions, even we're not getting those new shiny functions immediately.
  7. Guys, there are dozens of threads for this topic. As long as Affinity is so unprofessional in this specific field, there are only workarounds. I hope, but don't belief a separation preview is coming soon, as many of us where demanding this from day 1. I'm using a little program called PACKZVIEW, which is free and does the job:(https://www.packz.com/downloads-info/ Especially when using spot colors there are problems keeping colors as spot and not converting to CMYK. Keep an eye on a consistent color profile and only using multiply, transfer or normal as layer blend mode. I've wrote about my way to this quite stable workflow in this forum. So please don't be shy and have a look... 😎
  8. And? Waiting since April to get this fixed. This really can drive you crazy day by day. What takes so long to fix this?
  9. It doesn't matter, how you call it. It's the same thing I'm trying to achieve, but one of them is rasterised without any reason. For me it's a bug.
  10. Thank you! That works fine for me. So, it's better to forget the other way to create a clipping mask. For me that's clearly a bug, that needs to be fixed - beside having a different way that works.
  11. Hm, that works. But how is it done? For clipping I'd normally take a vector element, fill it and then drag it onto a group or object and it becomes a vector clipping mask. I'd be interested to know, how you have done your clipping mask. Thanks!
  12. I'm using PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 5), CMYK, FOGRA 39, color space converted, Rasteriziation only for unsupported features. This is my normal export preset for printing CMYK. As I wrote, when clipping mask is removed, the same document with the same preset is not rasterized.
  13. When using a vector clipping mask on PDF export my image ist rasterized. When removed (and in my case I could just hide outside areas with a white object) everything works as expected and noting gets rasterized. Maytown-Button-1.afpub
  14. Hi, when I'm copying text from another document (in this case some pixel logos), where I've been using only K channel, this property is lost. So it is set back and I have to re-apply using only K channel.
  15. Thanks for sharing - Mark does a great job, as always. That looks indeed promising. And yes, it's not the worst idea to have PixelmatorPro as an export plugin for now. But for near future I think Serif should consider some smart decisions to make it more easy to use Affinity apps in certain workflows.
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