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  1. And? Waiting since April to get this fixed. This really can drive you crazy day by day. What takes so long to fix this?
  2. It doesn't matter, how you call it. It's the same thing I'm trying to achieve, but one of them is rasterised without any reason. For me it's a bug.
  3. Thank you! That works fine for me. So, it's better to forget the other way to create a clipping mask. For me that's clearly a bug, that needs to be fixed - beside having a different way that works.
  4. Hm, that works. But how is it done? For clipping I'd normally take a vector element, fill it and then drag it onto a group or object and it becomes a vector clipping mask. I'd be interested to know, how you have done your clipping mask. Thanks!
  5. I'm using PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 5), CMYK, FOGRA 39, color space converted, Rasteriziation only for unsupported features. This is my normal export preset for printing CMYK. As I wrote, when clipping mask is removed, the same document with the same preset is not rasterized.
  6. When using a vector clipping mask on PDF export my image ist rasterized. When removed (and in my case I could just hide outside areas with a white object) everything works as expected and noting gets rasterized. Maytown-Button-1.afpub
  7. Hi, when I'm copying text from another document (in this case some pixel logos), where I've been using only K channel, this property is lost. So it is set back and I have to re-apply using only K channel.
  8. Thanks for sharing - Mark does a great job, as always. That looks indeed promising. And yes, it's not the worst idea to have PixelmatorPro as an export plugin for now. But for near future I think Serif should consider some smart decisions to make it more easy to use Affinity apps in certain workflows.
  9. @serif If you still listen and find this topic at least not too boring, PixelmatorPro just released a Motion file export option. I'd love to see that too - even I have the solution mentioned above running for now. At least on the Mac it's a good idea to have Affinity and Motion/FCPX side by side. Latest update for PixelmatorPro adds Motion support: https://www.pixelmator.com/pro/updates/ (I'm not using it and not planning, but I like this new option - and some of their AI functions)
  10. There is a way to export shapes for Apple motion. I know, it's not After effects. But for all Motion people on a Mac, this might be a possible way. Found this on Youtube. Two little programms needed, links can be found in the description of the video.
  11. Just a bit later.. As you are on a Mac, have a look at Apple Motion. It's not on par with Fusion or Aftereffects, but it's a very intuitive app for simple motion graphics. And there is an (awkward) way to export Affinity elements to it (another two little apps and extra 30 EUR needed, though). Just used it today and it works, but direct export to Motion is still on my wish list..
  12. Serif hasn't even been on track for finishing their first three desktop layout/illustration apps. Maybe we let them do their work here first. Forum is full of complaints and clever ideas to improve all apps, but not much really happens. I would not want to see anything from serif in video or animation space, as they could not add anything better, I believe. By the way - if you are on a Mac, there is Apple Motion. 50 EUR and better than anything serif could put together in ten years. And there is an (awkward) way to export Affinity elements to it (another two little apps and extra 30 EUR needed, though). Just used it today and it works, but direct export to Motion is still on my wish list..
  13. For CMYK that seems to be ok. But it is not working for any spot color. I'd consider it as another point on a very long list where we have to read "we are on it". And for a short moment you might think, ah, ok. But then you see, answer is from 2018. Or in this case Feb 2020. How time flies by these days..
  14. Hehe, "2 years later". Maybe that answers the thread starters question. It's so sad to see Publisher, after a good but not really exciting start, to crawl around like an Apple app. I really don't understand, why someone is investing so much time and energy and is not finishing the last few steps towards a good product.
  15. Absolutely agree. Would be great to have a button in toolbar. Another way to achieve capitalization quickly is by assigning a keyboard shortcut.
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