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  1. That's interesting. Never heard of this downsizing in RIP. I've never had any problems using higher resolutions with online printers (which were mostly around 600dpi for output). But anyway - as I also said before - it would be much better to address this problem and have vectors in PDF. But I must admit, at the moment I don't trust Affinity (Photo or Designer) with PDFs and try to output using Indesign. But I'm sure, this will change in the future ..
  2. If this is important to you, maybe you can double some elements and have a vector object on top - and the same element with FXs underneath? Just guessing. Also you could rasterize with more dpi. But I understand that this would be a good to have feature.
  3. I found a bug using a macro (resizing) which is in forums since beginning 2017. What? Re-recorded my macro with a problematic image and it seems to work now, but guess what: I can't delete the other disfunctional macro. ??? It's a bit annoying to find all these little bugs which prevent from just working. And it won't change soon, I guess.. Does annybody know a workaround for that? Or knows, where the macros are stored? I can't find it.. Many thanks!
  4. Hi Sean, I've just replied to your support@ mail and attached my ZIP. Is this working for you or is there any other way of sending a prive message directly to you?
  5. Sure. I've just created one simple macro, nothing special. Maybe it's a localization problem? I'm using German language. Whenever I right-click on a macro it will be applied. Only in the little space left of the macro's name it's working properly. Please find attached my exported macro library. Thanks! Default.afmacros
  6. I was about writing this: I've tried that. Not working. Can someone confirm, that it's working on a Mac as well? Than it might be just my problem.. But then I've tried again all possible ways of pressing buttons, everywhere. It really works, but only when right clicking in the small gap left of the words (name of macro). Weird. But thank you for help finding this out!!
  7. thadeusz

    HUGE file sizes

    I did this already, when I only got files as PDF or I didn't have to change something, but to just place it (like a logo et cetera). Very useful also when you have an almost finished book and someone tells you that the've given you wrong dimensions of the book. So placing a PDF might be a quick way to rescale. There are may use cases, some sound to stupid to be true, but..
  8. In AD version 1.5 (using MBP under OSX 10.10) there seems to be an overlapping in the color palette. See attached image..
  9. Depends. If you want, for instance, bitmap elements printed perfectly and people should look at them from very close, you need resolutions more towards 400dpi. But maybe that's a special use case. I just like it, when you can go very close and find little thing printed perfectly and it's looking not like a soft reprint. But of course - for normal posters on the street it's obviously not neccesary to go that high res. Also - since I don't trust PDF export for print from Affinity programms right now, I very often merge a background image, including text, with other elements in Indesign and export from there. For text and lines et cetera I also want higher resolution, as I don't want to produce 80's style game graphics.
  10. Even if it's good to think about viewing distance and usefull resolution, the problem is still there. I'm designing posters for theatre pieces and they should work from distance, but also from very close, indoors. So I have to work in bigger resolutions and it really is a nightmare at the moment. Very often it takes ages to redraw on screen, exporting is very very slow and progress is not reflected. I hope that will improve over time.
  11. After exporting my keyboard shortcuts from my old Mac, reimport into Affinity Photo on my new Mac works until restarting program. After restart all keyboard shortcuts are gone. Not a big problem.. I'm about to recreate them and that works as expected.
  12. During my last two projects I found exporting big compositions (+750MB file size) to be extremely slow. There seams to be a calculation of file size (for the exported file) going on, which freezes my computer for a minute on every export and that takes longer than the export itself. Really going on my nerves. Is there a chance to avoid this calculation and just simply export? By the way - this happens on a new MacBook Pro's internal fast ssd. No excuses here..
  13. (Affinity Photo Mac) I'm a bit stuck, but maybe someone can help me.. Is there a way to select multiple correction layers/filter layers? To be honest working with layers in Affinity is a bit of a nightmare. But maybe I'm to stupid.. This is what I'm stumbling over all the time (if I'm doing things wrong, please tell me, would be appreciated!): - I have two nice layers, which should have the same effects/corrections - no problem, you think, just copy the three, four effects and paste them in - aaaah, no, why not copy them one by one... argh. (and now: with 10 layers!!) - when working with complex layers (lets say 15 effect/filter layers the layer name disappears, but the tiny not usable layer icons are visible - heh? - Viewing a layer or group in solo mode works quite well, but if I try to paint on a mask I'm all the way back in seeing everything. Hm, doesn't make sense.. - very often my selected layer is changed, and I don't know why (I mean common, this never happened in Photoshop) - also jumping somewhere in the layer list happens very often... argh - did you ever need to delete a layer - ah, nothing easier than that, just go to layer list, point at the layer and - delete. But! If you have a selection somewhere in your image, nothing happens. Just a part of your image is gone. That's not wrong, but I don't know, it's somehow easy to mess this up (again - never happens in PSD - click on layer, delete, layer is gone, smile) ... argh I still hope, this mess will get better, but it's really taking quite long now. Instead: a very nice iPad app, where you can sync your 1GB file over iCloud to your computer next to you ...argh (ok, ok, I don't start that, ...) It was so nice to open Affinity, play around a bit, very very nice. But working with, is a different animal. Fast with small files, damn slow with big files ... argh. Very often quite pleasing, but often it's just painful. I'm really hoping it's developing further ... would be a dream!
  14. Either you could put your colorize adjustment to every layer you want to colorize or make a group and apply colorize to it. At least that's what I'd do..
  15. Wow. Thanks mate, that really a brilliant solution!
  16. Maybe there is another way of working - If I understood the problem correctly. If you have a curves layer to change brightness you can switch it's color mode to LAB and only change it's brightness channel. Then would be no need to desaturate afterwards. Just an idea.. Best thadeusz
  17. thadeusz

    Problem in color palette

    Hm, maybe when reordering my palettes (which is by the way still a bit unperfect on big screens - would be more happy to have a second row of palettes on the right side). But thanks - it goes away after restarting the programme. I was afraid that it's permanent.. Many thanks - also for the steps forward in 1.5. I can see the new Affinity Publisher just around the corner soon..
  18. thadeusz

    AD - PDF BUG

    I also had a problem with printing PDF. It took ages to process and didn't finish at the print shop. I used reduction for transparencies, but it didn't help. For now I rendered a TIF and it works fine.. In my design I used the add noise in the color palette. I saw, that this also is a bit difficult for printing as it adds black at very low amounts (1-3%), which sometimes is not be printed. Nice function, but dangerous for print at the moment. It would be better to have the noise only in the color channel you work with.
  19. On my big file (.PSB - 6GB size) it's not possible to use the selection brush. Photo is freezing.