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  1. That's great. I didn't find it mentioned anywhere, so just wanted to make sure it was something that could be addressed at some point. Thank you!!
  2. When I create an art board, and then try to name it in the Layers panel, I generally can't type more than a few characters before it thinks I'm done and deselects the type. It takes me multiple tries to name an artboard this way. I have to resort to typing the name in word or a text app and then try to quickly copy and paste it into the Artboard in the layers panel. Strangely, naming a layer is not a problem.
  3. Hi, I just did a tradeshow display in Affinity Designer. Back ground is full black and built to a rich black as specified by the output shop. C30, M20, Y20, K100. Using export persona or just the export to PDFx, the rich black information is lost and ends up being C63, M52, Y49, K91 when checked in output preview in Adobe Acrobat. Vendor is flagging file as having to much ink density, and it looks like I am either going to have to redo it in illustrator, or export it to eps and try to rebuild it in illustrator. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. While I love designer as a purely illustration app. it is things like this and few other missing or incomplete features that give me serious reserve as using this app as a professional production tool.
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