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  1. In a multi-page document I want to drag an object (or several objects) off the page then drag them up (or down) to place them on another page but when the object is dragged to the top scrolling stops. Would it be possible to continue to scroll by dragging object?
  2. Agree it would be good to have AF open PPP files and as Serif have always been customer focussed I'm sure it would be provided if it were possible within budget. They've looked it at and its not doable. The good news is that Affinity Publisher is great and worth the switch for sure.
  3. I find it confusing and would support jpeg exports being shown as .jpg in the dialogue.
  4. Just using Photo and delighted to see video presets. Thanks. Will be useful.
  5. He's right about that. MoviePlus isn't fully fledged pro s/w but it can do a lot and old though it is, it's still good value. A few years ago I made some stuff for BBC Schools using it and the other day I discovered that not only is it still on their site but they're still point teachers to it.
  6. Me too but its clear that that's not the way the company is headed - fair enough. Premiere Pro, despite the cost is very good and I'm already using Affinity Photo to create titles and other grfx.
  7. I'd go for a new "Type: Video" since video need not only be for the web.
  8. Thanks Patrick, Nice to be here. 1280x720 1440x1080 1920x1080 720x480 352x240 720x576 352x288 320x240 The above are all available on PhotoPlus New document dialogue - a great programme that I recommend to you (though Affinity Photo is v. impressive)! Also, it would be good to add UHD: 3840 × 2160 4K: 4096 × 2160 It has all become a bit fluid since the introduction of new formats but I think this would cover the major areas with the exception of versions as used on phones which I'm afraid I can't comment on. Hope this helps. G
  9. On the New Document dialogue can we have presets for common video sizes? One use of the programme is to create title layers for import into video NLEs. Thank you.
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