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  1. Talent obviously is becoming less of a precondition that helps practitioners of the graphic design trade to make ends meet, which probaly applies to an increasing number of other crafts as well in today's world, that used to help people survive situations into which they had been plunged in by forces beyond their control. It's a sad global turn of events that hopefully will be directed in more beneficial directions soon.
  2. This sounds like a bug indeed. It's amazing how the tinkering of users at times produces solutions or work arounds.
  3. I was inspired by art that I encountered in my (analog) airbrush days by Boris Vallejo, which seems to have some level of similarity to Luis Royo's art. In particular Vallejo's painting below (Vampiric Tutor Kiss) intrigued me:
  4. Thanks for the comment. Do you mean that the texture fill isn't applied or are you referring to stroke styles? This may be because the related bitmaps are not transferred to your computer. Personally I try to avoid using anything that is stock.
  5. Found this on Youtube and it blew me away. Designer makes it possible to draw intricate mandalas with less effort, more precision and more quality than meets the eye. The bloke (don't know if the guy in the video actually invented it) that figured this out should be given a medal. I included the .afdesign file that I saved with history as well, so others can have a look at how it was drawn. Mandala Test 02 - Transparent BG.afdesign
  6. At times, out of the blue, I become overwhelmed by poetic feelings. They urge me to step out of bed and write down what lingers in my mind. Here is an example of what such moods bring me to do.
  7. @SrPx: Thank you for your comment. The explanation of the two arts is correct and I agree it is more Art Nouveau than Art Deco, even if some elements reflect the latter. I believe Gaudi was also influenced by Art Nouveau, which probably is the reason why the work on the Sagrada Familia is pain staking and time consuming. Mimicking the organic works of nature is a huge challenge.
  8. Affinity Designer is the program I use most from the Affinity suit and I haven't yet done a lot with Affinity Photo. So I thought it was time to do a little experimenting. I found an image of an occult statue on line, that intrigued me and used it to retouch it to my personal preference. I narrowed its wings and changed its face somewhat (among other things). I have to practice more with Affinity Photo, which I will do when I have more time. Being a vector drawing aficionado this type of work is a little out of my comfort zone, but looking outside of it probably is a good thing to do in this life, bearing in mind that many matters obviously are intentionally induced and imposed, which of course has a certain purpose that does not necessarily concur with my intuition. More info about this in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/12/occult-image-retouching-experiment.html
  9. I've always been attracted to Art Nouveau imagery, particularly that of the brilliant Alphonse Mucha, who is largely accredited for starting that appealing type of graphic art. I wanted to wrap my mind around the specific aspects of the craft of which this practice drawing is the first attempt. I plan to do more Art Nouveau all vector drawings in the future, unlike this image that contains both vector and bitmap embedded files. Technically this image is some sort of blend of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, the latter being the successor of the first art movement, I guess. More on Mucha and Art Nouveau in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/11/art-nouveau-practice-drawing-01.html
  10. It neither is a picture or photo, it is 100% manually drawn from scratch vector, which is shown in the vector outline image at the bottom. I didn't even use vector brushes, which aren't real vectors. The balancing of areas is a thing that can only be done in the final stages - colours, colour intensity and level of blur require an oversight of the complete image to carry out the balancing properly and I haven't yet reached that stage.
  11. Here's an interesting professional photographer's take on sharpness vs blurriness in realism: https://petapixel.com/2017/04/03/why-sharpness-is-overrated/
  12. I'm sorry, did you not notice the depth of field aspect of this drawing? Furthermore, there also is no global blur in the image, since each object was given its own blur ratio, which is a function of this type of software, that requires values of shape properties to be set in order to render them. This is quite easily verifiable in the .afdesign-file of course. So, I'm not sure what may have caused your irritation.
  13. @Michael S Harvey: Thank you for the most kind comment. Really looking forward to the new machine to arrive. It's a Minisforum HX90Gwith 64BG RAM and a dedicated GPU, so I think that should make a world of difference.
  14. This filter kind of opens up a shedload of possibilities. Great tip.
  15. The clipping function of AD perhaps is one of its best. I often use it, may times several layers deep. The clipped objects inherit the clipping object's level of blur and they can even be given higher levels of blur, but never less than that of the clipping object. This technique allows to create effects that are difficult to distinguish from bitmap editing.
  16. Great drawing skill in spite of little experience. The textured sound board looks much better; there hardly ever are plain colours in realistic images, always some sort of gradient al least. I guess being a photographer helped to see details that most artists would easily miss.
  17. Great drawing. Composition and textures are wonderful.
  18. "I use the Pencil with Sculpt on to get irregular edges" Thanks for the tip. That would have saved me a lot of time, if I had known. I should look more into the pencil tool, I guess; never used it before.
  19. First test of complex drawing in Affinity Designer 2. Crashed three times - first crash moderate data loss, the following second significant data loss. Image is not finished yet, but I ordered a new computer and will wait for the new rig to arrive before continuing to work on this 100% vector drawing. Rendered image on top, vector outline below. Progress sequence in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/11/continuing-jaguar-illustration-in.html Update November 22 2022: Felt the urge to continue the project in spite of the unpleasant crash experiences on my very old computer (2004). I drew some reflections in the water and detailed the hair in the ear areas with the pen tool as Stuart RC suggested. Update 24 November 2022: Started to draw the jag's fur texture in its face. The image below is downscaled and shows less accurate detail than the actual size. The old machine crashed only one time (....). Details and sequence images in my portfolio blog. Update November 26 2022: Worked on the tail, the left eye that I enlarged slightly and began experimenting with the overall fur texture. I don't want a single pixel in this drawing; it must remain 100% vector. This means no 'vector' brushes, symbols and patterns are included, since they do not contain real vectors. I temporarily used the Styles function in just one shape, but that is to observe the result. Later I will use a method that exclusively involves pure vector shapes and strokes in a specific way. I may probably have to wait until the more powerful computer, that I ordered, arrives to successfully draw the jag's fur texture. Below is the previous stage. Below is the vector outline view of one of the most recent stages.
  20. On paper theoretically the .msix-file installation should be an improvement over the traditional .exe-files installation. On paper theoretically Word can do (almost) the same as InDesign. The .msix pros and cons mentioned on the list isn't the first time Microsoft makes such claims that later appear to be hot air, as a result of which partners and clients are manoeuvred into trouble after gullably believing Microsoft's claims. In the start up screen I see something like 'checking the Microsoft store registration' flash by. So apart from being registered at Serif (which makes sense), users are now registered at Microsoft as well? Which makes less sense. What does that mean for the independence of Serif and its users?
  21. No, I did it as I explained in my blog. Before changing the permissions I could only open the programs when running them as admin from the WindowsApps directory. Running the programs from the Start menu didn't work until I changed the permissions. It was impossible to drop files on the programs' desktops to open them. After changing the permissions the programs worked properly.
  22. Hypnotizing the cat.

  23. When looking at the properties of the Affinity directories in the WindowsApp directory I got a message (in bold red type) that the Permission file was corrupted. After resetting the permissions to full control for myself I was able to open the files without using the As an Administrator option. The programs now open from the Start menu and from the icons in the Taskbar, which they didn't do previously. Before figuring this out I was unable to drop files from the Filemanager into the Publisher and Designer Desktops - they would not open, but after resetting the permissions this was possible again. This makes me guess that in some cases the msix files somehow interfere with user permissions of the directories. Later downloaded and installed Photo, applying the same workaround as described above and the program works properly. I wrote a short blog on the work around on how to get the version 2 programs to work properly here: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2022/11/serif-released-version-2-of-affinity.html, which could be useful for those who ran into trouble in attempts to get them installed until an official solution will be presented. By the way - kudos to the devs for the functionality increase of the version 2 programs.
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